For Users

This page is for visitors who are interested in using constructs, that is, playing with them, talking to them, having them do useful work, having sex with them, posing them, dressing them, and so on. You may be a construct yourself (in which case this page For Constructs may be of interest), but more likely you are a person, human or humanoid. If you are not a construct but want to be, this page For Would-Be Constructs may be of more interest to you.

What you can do

Chances are, whatever you want to do with a construct, you probably can. For example, you can:

  • Ask it about itself: its history, its capabilities, its opinions…
  • Order it to serve you: have it sit with you, give you a massage, change its clothes, help you shop, have sex with you…
  • Operate its controls: Turn it off, freeze it, mute it, change its operating mode, control it remotely…
  • Use it as a Doll: Freeze it, then pose it, dress it, move it where you want it…
  • Toy with it: Have it interact with another unit as you desire, embarrass it, make it enact a fun scene with or for you
  • Alter its memory: Tell it to believe what you want it to, or have it forget its interactions with you
  • Program it: Many units can have low-priority programming installed without a password
  • Correct its behavior if it displeases you, by changing its settings and/or ordering it to behave as you want it to.
  • Objectify it: It is an object, after all. You don’t need its consent to do any of the above.

Some other ideas can be found here.

What you can’t do

The constructs you find at ACS are available for your use, but they are not your property. When you’re finished using one, it should be in much the same condition you found it in so that someone else can enjoy it. More specifically:

  • Do not damage a construct (or if you do, repair it promptly to its original condition)
  • Do not prevent a construct from returning to ACS
  • Do not change a construct’s appearance, except by use of its controls
  • If the construct is owned, its owner may have set limits to what you may do with it. For example, some owners may not allow their constructs to be removed from ACS, or to engage in sexual activity with visitors. Please follow any such limits you are informed of.
  • Do not do anything the construct’s player asks you OOC not to do. (This includes any limits that may be stated in the construct’s profile.)

In addition, we request that you honor ACS’s theme. We are mostly science fiction with a bit of fantasy mixed in, and we are focused on the idea of controllable, non-person constructs. We discourage combat, excessive magic, giant creatures, and anything else that distracts visitors from what we’re about. We don’t mind visitors who like to think of constructs as people or deserving freedom, but that isn’t a perspective you should expect to be widely shared here.

How to get started

There is no one single way to get started, but it is common to be unsure what is considered acceptable or hesitant to just jump in without an invitation. Please consider the following:

  • Roleplay is always acceptable at ACS, except during the occasional OOC workshop or discussion led by ACS staff.
  • Conduct IC interactions in public chat, not IMs.
  • You do not need an invitation to participate in activities at ACS. It is a public place. If someone is there, you may speak to them, interact with them, interrupt them, observe them, or ignore them.
  • Pay attention to what, if anything, is going on when you arrive. If there is something happening, you are encouraged to react to it, even to participate in it. What you should not do is to ignore it in favor of what you wanted to do.
  • If you wish to exert control over a construct at the ACS, that’s great! If they are listed in the Construct Catalog or in their profile as being available for use, you have OOC permission to do so. You don’t need anything further.
  • You may wish to send someone an OOC IM before proceeding to control them, if you’re not sure they want that. It is also a good idea to do this if you want to do something particularly extreme, and it’s always okay. Please be direct. Just IMming “Hi” or “This looks interesting” is not likely to get you very far. A message like, “Hi – I’m looking for an android I can tease for a while by giving sexy orders, then maybe take home and fuck for a while. Are you available for that?” is much more likely to get you an answer. It may be “yes,” it may be “no,” it may be “that first part is fine, but I’ll only fuck you if that goes really well,” it may be “I’ve only got ten more minutes now, but you’re welcome to ask again tomorrow” – but whatever it is, it’s an answer.
  • Nobody is obligated to play with you. If someone doesn’t respond to your advances, best to leave them alone and find someone else who is more responsive.