New Stuff at the Hub

JulieDoll has been busy the past few days implementing some minor improvements to the Hub. There’s nothing you won’t be able to figure out on your own, but the following details the changes for those who like things spelled out.

At the end, you’ll find information about ways that you can help make the Hub even better for you, your constructs and owners, and others.

Display Stage

The central area of the Hub is now a display stage for the presentation of constructs. If you are a mannequin, statue, doll, robot, android, gynoid, or anything similar, then you – yes, you – are invited to display yourself there any time you like.

  • If you want to make yourself fully available for anyone who feels like making use of you, please display yourself nearer the Hub entrance.
  • If you’d rather be more selective about who can use you or for what purposes – or if you’re going to be AFK a lot – be further toward the back.
  • You can use one of the Display Stands or ArtStands on the stage, but you can also just put yourself on any section of the stage, frozen or engaged in simple display behaviors. If you want an ArtStand in a place where there isn’t one, just buy a copy of one of the ones there – they’re free.
  • A sign has been posed listing Typical Display Rules. They are intended as an example of how a robot on display might be expected to behave. If someone orders you to follow Typical Display Rules, this is what they mean. If you put yourself on display, you may (but don’t have to) consider yourself bound by them. The rules are:
    • Stay on display until told otherwise (of course, you can log out when you need to)
    • Pose attractively, then remain still (no smiling, nodding, or looking around)
    • Greet each newcomer once (if able to speak)
    • Answer direct questions simply (if able to speak – don’t elaborate unless told to)
    • Otherwise, remains silent (no starting or joining conversations)
  • Not all units on display have been ordered or programmed to follow Typical Display Rules.


The rechargers have been moved to the upper floor in the new Maintenance area. You are still free to use them. The Construct Cleaning System is near them.

Lift Tube

The Lift Tube has been moved a bit. We have also taken a step closer to making the Lift Tube a sellable product. Would you want to buy one for your own place, if you could? Let JulieDoll know.

Conference Room

There is now a Conference Room on the upper floor to the left of the lift tube. Feel free to use it as long as ACS staff don’t need it.

OOC Dev/Test Room

The OOC Dev/Test Room has been moved to the upper floor as well, beyond the Construct Cleaning System. This is a good place to park yourself while working on your own programming, adjusting attachments, or otherwise doing OOC things you don’t want to be bothered during. Please do not conduct IC activity in this room.


The Storage room has also been moved to the upper floor, beyond the Construct Cleaning System (next to the OOC Dev/Test Room). You can park deactivated constructs there if you don’t want them on display, or just use it as a place to go during roleplay to fetch supplies. Feel free to assume any reasonable supplies are present there.


The playroom has been temporarily removed. It will be rebuilt better.


While the Hub hasn’t moved, its teleport landing point has moved slightly. Your old landmarks will still work, but the new one is better.

How you can help

We’d like to make available all the things you’d like to have here to let you have the most fun with your constructs – but we need your suggestions on what those should be! While all suggestions are welcomed, the most helpful are those that include specific products that you believe to be good – ideally with links to them on the marketplace. We’re looking for the following in particular:

  • Suggestions for modifyable, copyable content to make available in the Playroom. The Playroom is private space (a skybox) you can use for private scenes, including sexual ones.
  • Suggestions for modifyable, copyable content to make available in the window boxes. We’d like to see the window boxes become sort of public dollhouses – places to have constructs enact scenes for you, place them in group displays that include furniture or are otherwise unsuited to the Display Stage, or anything else that appeals to someone.
  • Are there other facilities you’d like to see at the Hub? Let us know – maybe we’ll do it!
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