ACS Newsletter: Issue #1

Welcome to Issue #1 of the ACS Newsletter!

The ACS Newsletter will be a biweekly(ish) publication by ACS. It will be posted on the ACS website (, and a notice sent to the ACS group when it comes out.

What will be included in a typical ACS Newsletter?

  • Information about changes at ACS, including new products and product updates. Calls for beta testers will also be posted here.
  • Tips and tricks for using ACS products – primarily contributed by users.
  • Ideas on construct roleplay in general – again, primarily contributed by you.
  • Requests for partners for specific roleplay scenarios.
  • Other appropriate topics someone offers to write.

Got something you’d like to write for the ACS Newsletter? Great! Take a look at the Submission Guidelines at the bottom of this post.

Hub Update: The Wall

On March 6, 2016, JulieDoll installed a new scene system in the west window box of the Hub. Click on “The Wall” picture frame to use it. It can rez a whole lot of different scenes, with furniture, animations, and I don’t even know what else. Feel free to use it with our constructs. You could have one or more enact a scene for you and your friends to enjoy. Or step into the window and enjoy using a construct there. Or just leave an android in the window box with orders to continue enacting a scene. It’s up to you!

For the record, construct nudity is entirely permitted at the Hub. People are also allowed to be nude if they like, but of course you may prefer not to be on display in the window box.

ACS Update: JulieDoll

Over the past few weeks, the programming of our manager unit, JulieDoll, has been updated a bit.

She now has a Motivation control which adjusts what she is inclined to do, and her personality has been modified somewhat to accommodate the new control. If you need her assistance with sales or technical support, we recommend setting her motivation to “ACS,” which makes serving as ACS staff her top priority.

She also has a new Openness control that allows users to determine how, if at all, she will express her thoughts and opinions.

Finally, she has been given an override code. An order given to her with the keyword “Override” will bypass her response subsystem. She will obey the order automatically, without any opinion about it at all. She isn’t aware of having the override code, but will answer direct questions about it anyway. Note that attempts to abuse the override code will result in it being disabled for that user.

Requests for Partners: This space available

In future issues of the Newsletter, this space will contain a request for one or more partners for roleplay. For example, a player who wants to play a robot owned by a certain kind of owner could post about what they’re looking for here, and perhaps someone who wants to be that owner will reply.

Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Submissions should:

  • Be about half a page to a page long.
  • Be written in reasonably good English. (We will copy-edit, but if we can’t easily understand what you mean to say we won’t accept the article.)
  • Express a clear and interesting thought likely to be of interest to the ACS community.
  • Be sent to JulieDoll in a notecard with a title of the following format: “ACS Newsletter Submission – by (your name) – (date)”
  • Be clear what name you want listed as the author. Some people want to use their username, some their display name, some a different name, and we’re not going to guess. Pen names are also acceptable.

Submissions will be reviewed, usually within a few days to a week, and we will let you know:

  • We like the article and will include it in an upcoming newsletter
  • We like the idea, but feel the article needs clarification or revision (in which case, feel free to make changes and resubmit it)
  • We don’t think the article is right for the ACS Newsletter.

We will not be paying for individual articles at this time. However, if you would like to write specific articles requested by ACS Management, you could become a Staff Writer. We are open to offering reasonable compensation to Staff Writers.

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