New Building; New Service

It’s been a long time since there was a significant update, but it’s been a big few weeks for ACS! We have two substantial, and related, changes:

Required to Serve

A construct may be designated as “Required to serve while at ACS” by adding it to the Construct Catalog, if it’s not already listed, and checking the appropriate box on the Availability tab. Once this is done, if the construct is in the ACS Showroom, Nina will announce your presence when new visitors arrive, to draw attention to your availability. There are some rules that any such construct is expected to follow; follow the link to learn about them.

In the future, constructs required to serve while at ACS may also be summonable by intercoms from elsewhere in the building, or receive semi-random instructions from the ACS mainframe.

New ACS Building

Did you notice I mentioned an ACS Showroom? It’s one of the new spaces in the new ACS Building. We’re still located at the same place in Coghaven (your existing landmarks will work fine), but now in a bigger and better building. You can read all the details of the new building, or just the highlights below:

  • The entire building is a roleplaying zone, except for the designated OOC Zone in the center of the Courtyard.
  • There’s a new Cafe and Lounge for casual IC hanging out. Refreshments are available. Feel free to send an android for your favorite beverage.
  • There’s a new Showroom for displaying constructs required to serve ACS and its visitors. You may safely assume that any construct in the Showroom is available for your use (unless marked AFK or OOC). Constructs NOT intended to be used by the general public should not enter the Showroom.
  • There’s a new skybox Playroom, with multiple scenes available for private play. You can lock the door once inside for even more privacy.
  • The new Workshop offers a Factory (for building new robots and artwork) as well as a Conversion Chamber (for converting existing living beings into robots or artwork). Neither is fully working yet, but you can look forward to them becoming available in the coming weeks.

    There are some known glitches still to be worked out, and no doubt several unknown ones as well. Please feel free to let JulieDoll know if you notice a problem. She is programmed to prioritize fixing problems she knows have been noticed.

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