New Workbench 4.0

A new, updated Workbench is now in beta testing at the ACS Workshop. You’ll find several long-needed changes and improvements in this one:

  • Much easier to upload programs and animations!
  • Many fewer things that can go wrong.
  • Once the vendors have been updated compatibly, purchasing components will be completely separated from installing them.  No more struggling to figure out why your components aren’t being delivered – you buy the component first, and it’s delivered to your #RLV folder. From there, it can be installed using the Workbench, or you can just attach it from your inventory. Both have the same effect.
  • You now have full access to the unit’s shared #RLV folder.
  • It has always been possible to make the Workbench system emit arbitrary text to support roleplaying, but nobody ever knew how. Even the designer forgot. Now it’s easy.
  • Using the Kinetic Field is now optional. If you want to roleplay standing over the unit with a multimeter and a screwdriver, or a paintbrush and hair dye, go right ahead.
  • There have been a few cosmetic improvements in button pressing.

Also, though of less immediate value:

  • The new Workbench is better designed to support a successor product to the CCU (or, in theory, even other cores).
  • The new Workbench might be something I can sell, if there’s enough interest, though I would need to rebuild the non-transferrable parts I purchased. (Or find someone else to rebuild them for me.)

Please try it out. If you encounter any problems – even if you figure the problem yourself, even if you think maybe it’s supposed to work that way  – please report them at the ACS Helpdesk. The better I know what difficulties you encounter, the more able I am to ease them for other users.

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