New Pretty Doll Keys designed by Cybernetix

For the first time, ACS has joined in collaboration with another designer to produce a set of Doll Keys with the functionality of an ACS Wind-Down Doll Key, but looking like they were designed by, well, an actual designer! Big thanks to ProjectNomad of Cybernetix for agreeing to allow ACS to sell her products, and thanks to Teuila (ladainia) for calling them to my attention.

The new keys are available now using the new Component Vendor in the ACS Workshop. Buy one for yourself or your doll!


Wait – what’s that? A new Component Vendor? That’s right! The new vendor looks a lot like the old one, but there’s no more complex rezzing of vendors on the side and making sure you set the install/deliver switch correctly. Buying a new component is now simple:

  1. Click the component you want
  2. It lights up, and hovertext tells you the price
  3. You (or someone else) pays the vendor for it
  4. You receive it directly to your #RLV folder

…where you can attach it yourself, or have someone else use the new Workbench to attach it for you.

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