ACS News Update: Wardrobes, CCU Update, and Group Tags

Several small items of note:

  1. ACS announces our first products having (almost) nothing to do with constructs: the ACS Wardrobe HUD and Wardrobe Handle. They are both based on the dressing handle used by the CCU and ArtCore, but with some new features not available in either. The Wardrobe HUD lets you easily change your own clothes, while the Wardrobe Handle lets others change your clothes. You can buy either or both from the kiosk in the ACS Cafe. They are a little undertested at this point, so you may find some minor issues. If so, please report them at the ACS Helpdesk.
  2. We are planning our first new update to the ACS CCU in over a year, primarily to add the new features of the ACS Wardrobe Handle to the CCU’s Handle. However, we’re open to possibly making a few more small improvements too. So, if there is something you’d like to see, please let us know by submitting your suggestion to the ACS Helpdesk. Even if we don’t get to your request in this update, we’ll still add it to our list, and you may see it in a future update.
  3. Finally, members of the Autonomy Control Systems group may have noticed that they are now free to choose any of the following titles: ACS Construct User, ACS Controlled Unit, ACS Artwork, ACS Robot, Available to Serve, or On Loan to ACS. Be sure to follow the links before choosing either of the latter titles, so you know what will be expected of you. If you’d like to suggest another title be made available, make your suggestion at the ACS Helpdesk.
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