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The ACS Construct Show!

Think of an auto show. Or a boat show. Or a flower show. Just like those, it’s an opportunity for makers, sellers, potential buyers, and others interested in a particular type of product to meet one another. Products are displayed, sometimes with fancy posters and such to highlight their selling points. Visitors look around to see what’s available and try out the products that interest them. Presenters are on hand to answer questions about the products. You don’t generally buy and sell products at the show, but if you’re interested in a product, you put your name on a list so you can be contacted afterwards.

At a Construct Show, the products are Constructs and related products. Any type of Construct may be displayed: androids, mannequins, dolls, robots, statues, and more. We also welcome displays of products intended for use by or with Constructs, especially bodies and skins, cybernetic parts, doll keys, and repair tools. If you’re not sure whether you or your product qualify for display at an ACS Construct Show, send JulieDoll (brattle) a notecard briefly explaining what you want to present and we’ll let you know.

ACS Construct Shows will occur approximately weekly! The schedule will vary so that people in different time zones have opportunities to participate, so there will be no shortage of opportunities to discover products of interest to you, or, alternatively, to show off yourself or your product to others. We encourage everyone to come to as many as they like! We will try to announce the schedule about four weeks ahead of time.

Currently scheduled ACS Construct Shows:

  • Saturday 28 Oct 2017, 5:00-6:00am SLT, host: Alexander Chelton (mrchelton)
  • Sunday 5 Nov 2017, 12:00-1:00pm SLT, host: TBD (time subject to change)
  • TBD


There are three ways to particpate in a Construct Show. All three are important, as without them, there’s no show!

1. As a Presenter of a Construct or other product
2. As a displayed Construct
3. As an Attendee

You’ll find more information below about how to participate in each role. You do not need to notify anyone ahead of time in order to participate in any of these three roles, and there is no fee. (If you feel inclined, you’re welcome to leave a tip with Nina at the entrance, or with the host, but this is not expected.) You are welcome even if you have never visited ACS before – indeed, perhaps especially so!

What Will Happen

Each Construct Show will be scheduled for a specific block of time – probably one hour long, but we’ll over time experiment with different lengths and see what works well. A host will be assigned for each show to help organize it and make sure everything runs smoothly. Presenters and displayed Constructs are encouraged to arrive about half an hour early to choose and prepare a display area. You can also chat with each other, of course.

The show will take place in the in the ACS Courtyard. Attendees are encouraged to approach any Presenter or displayed Construct that interests them and ask questions, test out the product, and so on. This is a public, in-character event, so expect to overhear a lot of what other people do – hopefully, that will be part of the fun of it! Displayed Constructs must remain within their display area for the duration of their participation in the show, but you are more than welcome to arrange activities for after the show.

For the purposes of the show, displayed Constructs are to be considered property. They are products to be examined, evaluated, tested, and discussed, and potentially loaned, rented, or sold. It is perfectly fine for there to be some in-character disagreement with this principle, but if you don’t enjoy that sort of play OOC then this is probably not the event for you. It is acceptable for a Construct who isn’t normally played as property to participate as a display in the Show, as long as, for the duration of the show, the player is willing to accept being treated that way.

Not all displayed Constructs are available for rental or sale. It is perfectly acceptable for Constructs to be displayed simply to show off their construction, programming, beauty, or other interesting features.

This is, in general, an in character event. Discussion of popular culture, politics, and other real-world topics is strongly discouraged. However, OOC discussion of ACS and the type of play that happens here is permitted and even welcome. Part of the purpose of these shows is to give newcomers who might be interested in participating at ACS a chance to meet other people and learn what ACS is about.

Dress Code

For displayed Constructs: Genitals are to be covered at all times at the show, with an exception made for stationary artwork designed to be displayed with genitals visible. A displayed Construct’s breasts may be exposed with the permission of the unit’s presenter. Attractive dress is encouraged for all displays. Sexy clothes and/or lingerie are permitted.

For Presenters and Attendees: Street-legal clothing is expected, and professional attire is encouraged.

How To Participate

As a Displayed Construct and/or Presenter of a Construct

When you arrive at ACS, select an unoccupied display area. Most areas will be about 3m x 5m; a few larger areas may be available. If you like, you may rez a small number of items, such as posters or props, in your area. If you are not already known to the host, please introduce yourself.

We encourage Constructs to be presented by their builders or owners. If you are a Construct that does not have a presenter (for example, if you are self-owned, have no character that owns you, or your owner is not available to present you), please decide why you are being displayed. Are you voluntarily seeking users or an owner? Did your owner order you to display yourself, and if so, what was their goal? Keep this in mind when deciding how to act at a Show. If you wish, you may prepare a short notecard with information about yourself and send it to the host, so that the host can potentially answer attendees’ questions about you or manage you properly. (The host may be too busy to do this; but will do his, her, or its best.)

Displayed Constructs during the show must be required to, in order of precedence:

  1. Cause no harm or damage to persons or property
  2. Remain within their chosen presentation area
  3. Obey instructions from their presenter (if capable of doing so)
  4. Obey instructions from attendees (if capable of doing so, unless clearly marked AFK)

The host may evict Presenters and/or Displays that do not follow these rules or otherwise cause disruption. (These are IC rules; occasional violations are acceptable OOC but will have IC consequences.)

Note that displayed Constructs do not have to use ACS control systems, or indeed any control system at all besides good roleplaying.

If a presenter is showing more than one Construct, they may claim and combine multiple adjacent presentation areas into a single display (up to one area per Construct). Please keep this reasonable; if you look like you’re taking over the show at the expense of other presenters, the host will ask you to consolidate.

You are encouraged to participate in the entire Show if possible and to avoid going AFK. Of course, if you have RL issues or connectivity problems that make it impossible, that’s fine – just make sure you reclaim any items you rezzed (they may be returned or deleted after the show without further notice). But please don’t abandon the show to play with someone or because there’s nobody there right now and you’re bored. You are essential to the success of the Show.

As the Presenter of a Construct-Related Product

When you arrive at ACS, select an unoccupied presentation area. Most areas will be about 3m x 5m; a few larger areas may be available. You will probably want to rez a small number of items in your area as part of your presentation, such as posters, samples, or landmark givers for your store; this is fine. If you are showing a large product line and want a larger presentation area, please contact the host ahead of time, and we will attempt to work out something reasonable.

You are encouraged to participate in the entire Show if possible. Being there means you have the opportunity to attract attention to your products, answer questions about them, and demonstrate them. If you choose to leave during the show, you must return at its end to collect or delete any items you rezzed. Items left rezzed may be returned or deleted without further notice.

If you wish to sell products at the Show, please contact JulieDoll (brattle) for further information. We have not yet decided whether to permit product sales at the Show, or, if so, what rules to place on sales. If there is interest, we will ask your opinion and make these decisions.

As an Attendee

Come to ACS at any time during the Show. Admission is free! The presentations are there for you – do not hesitate to approach them! Talk to the displayed Constructs and their Presenters. Ask about the products. Try demos. Talk with other attendees. Be interesting. Have fun!

This is a public event, and we encourage you to converse in character in public chat. If you are interested in arranging a more private scene with someone at a later time, you’re welcome to use IMs to do so. But we don’t want to be one of those events with lots of people who seem to be standing around silently. We hope to be interesting enough most weeks that you’ll wish the show was longer!

Free constructs are permitted to attend the show as attendees; however, bear in mind that the philosophy of the Show is that constructs are property. Roleplay consistent with that philosophy may occur. You should expect to be mistaken for property, discriminated against, controlled, or possibly even claimed or captured. You may of course establish OOC limits which should be respected even during the Show.

Planning Ahead (optional)

No advance planning is required for participating in a Show. However, if there is anything in particular you would like to have happen that would require the participation of others, please contact the host ahead of time and let them know. For example, if you are attending as a non-displayed Construct but would like to be unwillingly placed on display, that can be arranged – but it generally won’t unless we know that’s what you want.

In Case of OOC Problems

If something happens during the Show that makes you (the player) feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or offended, you are encouraged to notify any or all of:

  • The host for that Show
  • Mr. Chelton (mrchelton), the owner of ACS, or another ACS staff member
  • Silverrain Sucettes, the sim owner

We will do our best to understand the situation and take appropriate actions. Visitors who disrupt the Show or make it an unpleasant experience for other players may be asked to leave (and potentially ejected or even banned, if the disruption is sufficiently severe and OOC). We don’t expect this to happen.


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