Crystal Mind Probe Beta; Sim move; Hiring

It’s a busy weekend for ACS!

  1. We have just begun an open beta test of the new ACS Crystal Mind Probe, which you can get free from the vendor at the ACS Magic Shop. This will be the first ACS product we plan to sell using affiliate vendors in other sims that cater to constructs such as statues, mannequins, and dolls.
  2. Coghaven has moved! We are now adjacent to the Sleepy Hill sim. As part of the move, the land level in Coghaven is being lowered, so ACS will also be lowered. Look for a new landmark in the coming days, but don’t worry – your old one will still get you close. Mind the drop, though!
  3. ACS is looking for new staff members! We typically use acquired constructs as staff, but we’re also open to hiring living persons. For more information, see Employment Opportunities and ACS Ownership. Contact Mr. Chelton (mrchelton) or JulieDoll (brattle) to apply. If we don’t already know you, we’ll probably ask a lot of questions to help us understand who you are and how you might fit in at ACS.


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