ArtCore 2.3 Release and Mass Conversion Scene

The weekend of August 18-19, ACS will celebrate the official release of ArtCore version 2.3 by holding a weekend-long Mass Conversion Scene! Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you’ve never heard of ACS before. We will need players for a variety of roles, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Slavers, technicians, and others to assist in the conversion process
  • Prospective purchasers or users of newly converted constructs
  • Slaves to be converted – all species and all genders are acceptable (we’d like to have at least a few male constructs available, for example)

The story

A major slave dealing company needs to cut costs by disposing of some unwanted slaves they’ve been unable to sell. ACS will therefore be able to buy a group of these slaves for an extremely low price. ACS will, of course, be converting them into various forms of constructs for its own purposes. Some may become androids or wind-up dolls that can be programmed to behave properly. Others may become mannequins, statues, or inanimate dolls. Some may be used as sex toys, while others will be servants, assistants, or decoration. Some will be sold off quickly, to individual buyers or to companies. Others will be kept as ACS property for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the slaves themselves, we will also have some slavers present, at least for the early parts of the scene, to keep these slaves in line until each one goes into the conversion chamber. We’ll also have at least one conversion technician to operate the machinery. With luck, we may have some prospective purchasers visiting as well, to see the newly-available merchandise. Early arrivals might even be able to have some special requests filled! And even if you can’t afford to buy right now, window-shopping is, of course, also acceptable. Most of the new constructs can be expected to be available for public use.

If you might want to participate…

Start thinking about what sort of role you’d like to have. You do not have to play your regular character for this scene – if you want to develop a new character just for the scene, that’s okay, whether or not you plan on returning to your regular character afterwards.

If you decide to participate, send a notecard to JulieDoll (brattle) with a description of the character you want to play. The information we will want depends on the role you want. There are some examples you can look at, too.

Everyone – basic scene information

  • Second Life username
  • Character name, if different
  • Gender, species/type, other relevant physical characteristics
  • General personality, attitude, relevant information about origin
  • How do you feel about scenes involving sex or sexuality? If you are comfortable with sexual behavior, with what types of characters? (We don’t anticipate the scene being highly sexual, but we might create one or more sex bots/sex dolls if there are people interested in that.)

Everyone – Logistics

  • Which weekend(s) are you available?
  • What times of day do you expect to be available? (We don’t expect anyone to be online continuously for two days!)
  • How likely are you to participate in the event, if it’s held at a time when you can attend?

Prospective purchasers/users

  • What sort of construct do you want?
    • What do you want it to look like?
    • How do you want it to act (if it can act at all)?
    • What control system, if any, do you want it to have? (Doesn’t have to be an ACS system.)
    • How do you plan to use it?
    • Do you want to keep it past the end of this event? If you can’t, is that okay?

Conversion assistants and other non-convertee roles

  • Who are you? Why are you participating in the event?
  • What skills do you bring to the event? (This includes real-life skills, like programming CCUs, locating hair and skin based on a description, and making slave characters feel like slaves; as well as in-character skills like keeping slaves in line, modifying robots, or performing conversions.)
  • What kinds of things would you enjoy doing during the event? (Passive spectating will be discouraged, but there are lots of potential ways to participate.)

Slaves to be converted

This is one of the few times when ACS will be doing conversions WITHOUT an extended OOC conversation with you ahead of time about what you want. We expect you to tell us what you want in your notecard, including things that are really important to you and things that are not as important. Then Mr. Chelton will decide what to do with you. He will take what you tell us into account, and he will follow any limits you set – we do want the scene to be fun for you, and we hope you will enjoy your new existence enough to continue playing it. But beyond those limits, he will not necessarily follow your preferences. We hope that part of the fun will be the knowledge that you don’t know exactly what will happen to you, what you will become, or how you may be used.

  • Who is your character, what do they look like, and why is nobody interested in purchasing them as a slave?
  • What do you (the player) like about the idea of having your character sold to ACS, converted into a construct, and potentially owned by ACS as a construct afterwards?
  • What sort of construct would you prefer to be? Be as detailed as you like, but be sure to indicate which details are really important (i.e. things that will make you want to leave if they don’t happen) and which are just ideas that appeal to you. If there is more than one type of construct that interests you, feel free to say so, but be clear about which you would prefer even if you leave the decision up to me.
  • What do you expect to want to happen to your character after the weekend is over? (This answer isn’t a commitment to anything.)
    • Owned indefinitely by ACS, or possibly sold to someone else?
    • Sold to a specific avatar you’ve made an OOC agreement with?
    • Sold “off camera,” so that you can resume playing your regular character?
  • Do you already own one or more construct control systems? If so, which one(s)? Are you willing to buy a new one?
  • Do you use a classic avatar or a mesh body? If mesh, what type?
  • Are you willing to spend L$ on items such as appearance elements and clothing at the request of ACS? If so, how much? If not, what do you have now that might be of interest?

Prior to the conversion scene, I will tell you what I want you to own for it. Sometimes I’ll be specific (for example, an ACS CCU with a Ring Edition Access Panel and Wind-Down Key). Sometimes I will be more general (for example, long straight brown hair, brown eyes, face that’s more pretty than sexy) and rely on you to find items that meet my criteria. Please be sure to purchase any of these that you don’t already have prior to the scene. If you have something that’s close-but-not-quite what I’ve described, let me know and I’ll tell you if it’s good enough.

More details

Plan on being present and active for several hours of the scene. Don’t think that just because someone else is being converted, you can go surf the web. I want you to be reacting to what’s happening, talking with each other, forming friendships and dislikes, and generally acting in character. It’s a cliche, but true – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. But also, don’t feel like you need to be there all weekend. We’ll do our best to work with the schedules of the people who want to participate

If your main goal here is to experience a conversion, and you don’t care about interacting with other convertees or playing the construct afterwards, this may not be the right scene for you. The conversions may go relatively quickly. (If two or three people who really love doing conversions sign up, the conversion scenes might be more elaborate, for those players who do like that.)

Players who have not followed the participation instructions in this post (or at least made a credible attempt), including those who had no idea this event was even happening, are welcome to visit ACS during it and interact with characters present and events occurring. They may be allowed to take on a role as part of the scene, if that can be arranged without disrupting ongoing events, but they may not. If you want to participate, even if you’re not sure you actually will, follow the instructions in this post.

OOC interactions not related to the scene will be discouraged. Being AFK for extended periods will also be discouraged, unless you’ve become something incapable of interaction (although even then it’ll be more fun if you’re there).

Please feel free to spread the word to other players and/or groups you think would be interested. (Don’t spam groups; don’t post about it in groups where doing so would be against the rules.)

I said everyone is welcome to participate. This is because I am assuming that everyone is a decent, thoughtful person, who wants the players of characters around them to have at least as much fun as they want themselves, who respects players’ rights to set boundaries or refuse a particular interaction for any reason or none, and who puts some effort and creativity into their play. Most visitors to ACS who stay for any length of time fit that description, or at least try. Players who demonstrate themselves not to be interested in fitting that description, who actively reduce the amount of fun other players are having, may be asked to leave and, if necessary, ejected, at the sole discretion of ACS management. We do not expect that to happen.

Questions and Answers

Q. I’m new to ACS. Is this scene a good way to get started?

A. We hope so! Part of the reason we’re running this event is to help people overcome the “but how do I get started? and do I really want to?” barrier. By joining this event, you’re guaranteed to have other players around, you’ll get to see how lots of different people play, and you get to try out something new without committing to it long-term unless you decide you want to.

Q. Where is this happening?

A. At Autonomy Control Systems. Mostly it will be in the Workshop, which is to the right after you enter the building. There will probably be someone designated to help new arrivals get where they want to be.

Q. I want to be converted. Should I buy a control system ahead of time? Should I have it attached when I arrive?

A. Once I read your application and decide what to do with you, I’ll send you a notecard telling you what you need to know in advance, including what if anything you should buy (assuming you indicated you’re willing to buy things) and what if anything you should have attached. Most likely, you’ll be expected to own the control system I want to use, but not to have it installed. But don’t make an assumption until you hear from me.

Q. What about chains, cuffs, or restraints?

A. All slaves will arrive restrained. If you own appropriate restraints that can be used, you are encouraged to wear them. However, roleplaying them is also perfectly acceptable.


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