ArtCore Version 2.3 Release Notes

ArtCore version 2.3 was released on August 18, 2018. The following is a list of changes. Scroll down for instructions for upgrading from ANY previous release of ArtCore to the latest one.

New Distribution Model

From now on, the ArtCore costs L$1, COPYABLE, and TRANSFERRABLE. It will work for up to seven calendar days from when you first attach an ArtCore as a free demo, with a few disabled features. You can purchase a license allowing you to continue using the ArtCore indefinitely. (The vendor is in the Magic Shop at ACS. We will probably also make it available on the Marketplace for a somewhat higher price.)

Anyone who owns a previous version of the ArtCore is eligible for a free license. You do not need to pay to upgrade. Just get the demo, free, from the vendor. Within a few days, your demo should automatically be licensed. If it isn’t, contact JulieDoll.

(It will be free, but for technical reasons it is temporarily necessary to charge a positive amount. Since the limitation wasn’t noticed until release day, it’ll take some time to correct. If you really can’t afford L$1, let an ACS staff member know and we’ll help you out.)

Disabled features in Demo

  • Maximum of 4 items displayed in any Dress folder
  • Maximum of 4 poses offered in any Pose menu (as of Beta 2)
  • Cannot increase immersion

Uses for Free ArtCore Demos

The obvious use is to give you a chance to try out the ArtCore and see if you like it before buying it.

However, it may also make it possible to make devices that rely on giving an ArtCore to someone – like a petrification ray or dollification cannon. This will take some work to make it function – for example, you can’t assume the target has the right RLV folders. But a creative developer can probably work something out. If your target decides they want to remain artwork (or has already used up their demo time), they will need to buy a license.


Each time you attach an ArtCore, or log in with one attached, you’ll get a dialog that:

  • Alerts you if you’re using a demo, and, if so, when it expires and how to obtain a full license
  • Provides a message I can change, for example, to notify you of updates

New Features

  • If you click +… and choose Poses, the Pose Assistant appears over your head. Once it is there, choosing Poses again deletes the Pose Assistant, rather than creating another one. This allows you to get rid of your Pose Assistant even if you’re frozen and can’t touch it.
  • If someone clicks your Pose handle and chooses Add Poses, a new Pose Assistant appears only if one isn’t already there. (It can be disposed of by clicking it.)
  • You can now put text of your choosing in your hovertext. Click +…, then Hovertext.

Other changes and improvements:

  • Unexpected animations and deanimations sometimes happened while using your own Animation Talisman. I may have fixed this, but since I could never really reproduce the problem, I’m not sure. If you’ve had this problem, please test this.
  • You can always detach your ArtCore if you have not increased restrictions, with no more “only a beta” message.
  • If you increase restrictions so you can’t remove your ArtCore, then relog without RLV to lower them again, the ArtCore will now be unlocked so you can remove it. (It wasn’t before.)
  • Adding animations with names longer than 24 characters no longer triggers an error. You may not be able to play that animation, but at least other poses can be used.
  • Your Artwork folder is now checked every time you press the +… button, so changes to your available Forms should take effect properly.
  • Clicking on the “hand” handle now reports the artwork’s immersion level.
  • flag-unclothe now works as documented
  • Old display names should never be used.
  • When you deanimate slowly (such as if someone takes off your talisman while you’re animated), any shapechange effect now happens at the end of the deanimation, not while you’re still moving.
  • Chat restrictions should now take effect on login. (You’re always deanimated when you log in, so you shouldn’t be able to talk.)
  • Fallen-over artwork now always has a “Pick Up” button in their touch handle menu.
  • The “Emotions” option is no longer available for use with the original ACS Crystal Ball, which very few people ever bought anyway. The newer ACS Crystal Mind Probe can now be used by those who wish to access the mind of any sort of inanimate object, including those using an ACS ArtCore.

Upgrading from previous versions

Because of the new distribution model, upgrading any older ArtCore to Version 2.3 is simple:

  1. Buy a new ArtCore from the vendor in the ACS Workshop for L$1 (or L$0, soon).
  2. Attach it. It will be a limited demo version. Any older version should automatically detach.
  3. Notify JulieDoll.
  4. Within a few days (quicker if she is online at the time), JulieDoll will confirm that you have purchased an ArtCore, and fully activate your new one free of charge.
  5. If you had any custom animations added to your old ArtCore, or had reorganized them in folders, you will need to repeat that for your new ArtCore.

Reporting Problems

As always, if you notice any problems with the ArtCore or would like to suggest additional new features, please report them at the ACS HelpDesk: All suggestions are considered, even those that we decide not to implement.

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