Policy update

ACS Workshop facilities are always available to visitors for maintenance, programming, repairs, and redesigning of constructs, as well as authorized conversion of organic beings into constructs. The operator is responsible for all risks associated with that work, including damage to facilities or constructs, injuries during the work or as a result of the work, and legal consequences of the work. Minor replacement parts and materials remain available at cost to all visitors.

However, as of this time and until further notice, ACS staff will not perform maintenance or repairs on unowned constructs. Payment and authorization for all such work, as well as for significant replacement parts and materials, must be made by the construct’s organic owner.

((OOC Translation:

This change of “policy” is intended to (1) create another plot hook by which an unowned construct might reluctantly be compelled to give up ownership of itself to ACS or another owner in order to obtain needed repairs, and (2) reinforce the distinction between constructs and people that is part of the theme of ACS. It doesn’t reflect any OOC problems.

To be perfectly clear, there is no change in the sale of ACS components and accessories, nor in what you are allowed to do at ACS.

Payment for “replacement parts and materials,” significant or minor, is always roleplayed. We don’t expect payment of L$ for imaginary chips, aluminum rods, synthetic skin, eyes, or pigments. You can assume you can buy minor things like a bit of replacement synthskin to repair a tear, or lubricant used as part of regular maintenance, even if your character isn’t very wealthy. For components that naturally ought to be more expensive, feel free to roleplay being unable to afford things if that will make your scene more enjoyable.

If you feel like contributing L$ to ACS, you can pay Nina, the non-player receptionist near the entrance, but it is by no means expected.


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