Vendors updated to 1.6.0, with alpha layers

I have just updated the vendors at the Hub to sell Version 1.6.0 of everything EXCEPT the Access Panel Classic Edition (which is having an appearance bug I don’t have time to fix just now) and the Doll Key (which has no significant changes from Version 1.4.0).

In addition, each Access Panel and Battery now comes with an Alpha Layer that matches its default positioning, and I will be making them available in the next few days via a free vendor for those who already own the attachments (so you don’t need to buy a new one).

As you may know, invisiprims no longer function on viewers with Advanced Lighting Model enabled. This means that if you follow ACS’s recommendation to recess your attachments into your surface, people with good graphics cards – like me, as of recently – won’t be able to see them very well. The solution to the problem is generally to use Alpha Layers, which turn a bit of your surface invisible so that things inside it can be seen. The problem with that solution is that means if you want to move your attachment to a different location than the default, or even if your shape is noticeably different from mine, you need a custom-drawn Alpha Layer. They are not hard to make if you have access to a program like GIMP or Photoshop, but it is something of a nuisance.? (I may point to a tutorial when I have the chance.)

Thus, the Alpha Layers I have made are not a complete solution to the problem, but they are a beginning. I would welcome suggestions from those who may know more about this issue than I do on how to solve the problem more completely.

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