CCU Upgrade Instructions

Updated 26 Jan 2019

Upgrading a unit’s CCU from version 1.2.0 or later to the latest version is free. While a unit cannot upgrade itself, anyone may perform the upgrade – it does not need to be an ACS staff member. The individual performing the upgrade will normally require a password to the unit being upgraded sufficient to allow the upgrade – by default a level 3 password or higher, though some units may be programmed to require a higher- or lower-level password, or none at all.

The unit to be upgraded should:

  1. Make a backup copy of your CCU and all attachments, in case the upgrade causes any problems and you need to revert to the previous working version. Note: This is particularly important when upgrading from v1.8 or earlier to v1.9 (circa January 2014) or later, if you have any attachments that will not be connected during the initial upgrade (such as a second Access Panel or Battery). Un-upgraded attachments will not be able to connect to an upgraded CCU, and therefore it will not be possible to upgrade them unless you have an un-upgraded CCU to use.
  2. Verify that all the attachments you intend to upgrade (Handle, Access Panel, Battery, Doll Key) are attached and recognized by the CCU.
  3. Lie on the workbench at the ACS Hub.

The individual performing the upgrade then follows these instructions:

  1. Stand or sit in front of the console and turn it on using the red button at the upper left.
  2. Check the console to be sure it has detected a CCU. (CCUs older than version 1.2.0 will not be detected and cannot be upgraded by this method.) If the CCU was not detected even though you know it is present, click Quick Scan to try again.
  3. Click the Lifter slider. The Kinetic Field will activate, lifting the unit.
  4. Click “Log in,” and enter the unit’s password. Check the console to be sure the login was successful. If it was not, the CCU will refuse the upgrade.
  5. Click “Hardware”and confirm that all the expected hardware is shown. (The Handle will not be indicated here.)
  6. Click “Upgrade.”
  7. Select the desired upgrade. (Usually you should use the latest one that ends in “.0”. You are strongly discouraged from installing any upgrade marked Beta without first consulting JulieDoll.)
  8. The unit will be shut down, and its CCU and attachments will be upgraded. You can observe the spinning hourglass over the unit’s head to monitor its progress. This can take a few seconds to a minute, depending on the size of the upgrade.
  9. When upgrading from a version earlier than 1.4.0, the unit will be given a new Handle. The unit will need to manually move this Handle into the same folder as its CCU, detach and delete the old Handle, and wear the new Handle. (Future upgrades should not require this.) The unit will be reminded to do this.
  10. If the unit has any attachments that were not worn during the upgrade – for example, an alternative Access Panel or Battery that is used when the unit takes a different form – have the unit switch to a copy of an un-upgraded CCU and the other attachment, and repeat from Step 4 to upgrade that attachment as well. Repeat this step as needed. You may also repeat from Step 4 in the event that one or more attachments did not upgrade on the first attempt. This is an increasingly rare problem, but it may still happen from time to time.
  11. If the CCU controls do not appear on the workbench, press Quick Scan and they should appear in a moment.
  12. If desired, you may make any other changes to the unit’s software or hardware at this time. Don’t forget to reactivate it.
  13. When finished, click the Lifter slider again to deactivate the field and release the unit.

Policy Note

Updated January 2019: The following policy is not currently in effect. It may be reinstated at some point in the future.

By ACS policy, ACS-owned units will not upgrade any unit without proper authorization. A unit’s owner may provide this authorization. For self-owned and unowned units, non-construct person may provide authorization. This policy is intended to protect ACS from liability for performing unauthorized changes to a unit. ACS does not restrict others from performing upgrades.

This rule is intended in part to help get more potential users into the Hub and to encourage interaction there. Perhaps you have a friend, user, or other acquaintance who will come to authorize your upgrade. Perhaps another visitor can upgrade you, or authorize your upgrade. The rule is NOT intended to make you buy a new CCU. We won’t stop you if you choose to, but we don’t expect you to. If you really can find absolutely nobody who can authorize your upgrade, we will find a way to make it happen anyway.

ACS-owned units may still install new CCUs and attachments, and may instruct others in the procedure for upgrading a unit.

Units still using Version 1.0 or 1.1 of the CCU will need the assistance of an ACS staff member to upgrade to the latest version, but will still be able to do so free of charge until Version 2 is released.

Units still using the previous ACS Control Panel product line (different from the current ACS Access Panel and phased out some time before 2015) cannot upgrade to the current product line, but may purchase it as a replacement if they choose.