What do I need to buy?


No, really. All you really need is creativity. Everything else is scenery.

But if you’re here, what you probably wanted to ask is, “If I want to be a construct using the ACS CCU system, how do I decide which specific ACS products to buy?” This guide may help you with that.


  1. You need a Central Control Unit (CCU). That’s the core of the system. Without it, nothing else works. Everything else is optional. This can be purchased in the Workshop or at the Factory Loading Dock.
  2. An Access Panel is highly recommended. This allows anyone to turn you off, freeze or mute you, or access controls programmed into you. It also provides a visible indication that you are controllable.
  3. Most constructs want to have a power system of some sort: a Battery, Battery Port, or Doll Key. If you don’t have one, you never run out of power.
  4. If you’re inclined to control other constructs, you might want a Remote Controller Chip. It’s basically a Remote Control installed in your body (as a HUD).


  1. If there’s someone you want to control you, they might want to have a Remote Control. There’s a transferable version, if you want to buy one you can give your operator. There’s also a copyable version, if they want to buy one themselves.
  2. If you use a Battery or Battery Port, you or your owner might want to buy a Charging Platform to put in your home, to make it easy for you to recharge.
  3. If you use a Battery Port, you and/or your owner will probably want a Battery Box and a spare battery or two. (The built-in ACS Battery does not require a Battery Box.) You might also want a Battery Charger.
  4. If you prefer to recharge at the Hub, you might want to buy a Priority Access Card that will allow you to use the faster charger.


The CCU is a fairly complex product designed primarily for robotic characters. If you’re looking for something simpler and want to play something more like a mannequin or statue that can be magically animated, consider the ACS ArtCore instead of a CCU.