Indicator Pointers

When you arrive at the entrance to ACS, you’ll be given an Indicator Pointer. It’s a way to help let others nearby know what you are and what sort of play you enjoy. Click it to get the following options:

  • No Pointer: If you don’t like the pointer, click this to make it go away. If you ever want it back, click the kiosk just east of the entrance to ACS.
  • Go AFK: Indicate to others that you’re Away From Keyboard (AFK) and won’t respond to things around you.
  • Go OOC: Indicate to others that you’re currently Out Of Character (OOC) and shouldn’t be expected to respond the way your character would.
  • OOC+Available: Indicate to others that you’re currently Out Of Character (OOC), but would be happy to go In Character if someone suggests it.
  • Go IC: Indicate to others that you are In Character (IC), and can be expected to respond the way your character would. This could be very different from the personality of your player.
  • IC+Usable: Indicate that you are IC and that you are open to having your character controlled and used. (See below for more information.) 
  • Short Text: If there are many avatars in one area, the hovertext from all of their pointers can get crowded. Click this to shorten the text on yours. It will automatically expand back to its long form for 20 seconds if you or anyone else clicks on it.
  • Long Text: Returns your hovertext to its normal long form.
  • Above the buttons is a link, To personalize your pointer. Click it to change how your pointer describes you. Remember that your description needs to make sense to other people, not just you. If you invite people to “Treat me like a cyborg,” they may not understand what you actually want.

If someone else clicks on your pointer – or you click on someone else’s – the following is displayed:

  • The character’s description, that is, what sort of construct or person it is.
  • How the player would like the character to be treated; for example, “like a machine” or “like a person.” (Note that the character may not want to be treated the way their player wants them to be. It’s up to you if you want to treat the character the way the character wants to be treated, but you should respect the player’s preferences. If an android character’s pointer asks you to treat them like a person, please do so. If their pointer asks you to treat them like a toy, then you are free to do that even if the character protests.)
  • Construct Catalog Listing: If you have a listing in the Construct Catalog, a link to it will be provided to help others learn more about you.


The “IC+Usable” option was added in September 2020 as a way to help players of construct characters let others know that they are giving preliminary OOC consent to being used like a machine or toy, without regard for the desires of their character. A player can easily change this setting at any time to reflect their current mood and interests.

Players marked “IC+Usable” do not all share the same interests, and you should check their SL profile for information they may offer about their preferences. If they don’t let you know otherwise, it is reasonable to assume such a player at ACS would not be offended or upset by:

  • Being given orders their programming will require them to obey
  • Changing their programming
  • Restricting their actions
  • Changing or removing their clothing
  • Being put on display or removed from display, moved, or posed
  • Being prevented from speaking, or disregarded when they do
  • Having their controls operated or modes changed
  • Being touched or made to touch others, including sexually

Using the “IC+Usable” option does not mean the player is giving up their right to withdraw OOC consent at any time. You can assume they are generally interested in that type of play, and that it will be OOC okay for you to disregard or silence protests they may make in character in main chat if you so choose. However, you should still respect a clearly OOC request ((in double-parentheses or IMs)) that you stop.