ACS Loaner Program

ACS seeks to make a wide variety of units available to the public. To this end, we accept short-term and extended loans from owners including individuals, organizations, and manufacturers. Owners may benefit from this arrangement by obtaining market-test data as people interact with their units at ACS, by publicizing new models, or in other ways.

You do NOT need permission to loan yourself or your construct to ACS, as long as the construct is (1) generally safe and (2) obedient and available for use in at least some circumstances (for example, when in a particular mode, place, or time). You need only list the unit in the Construct Catalog, indicate that the unit is Operated By ACS, and check the boxes next to “On Loan to ACS” and “Required to Serve when at ACS”.

Being On Loan to ACS Means

  • You are expected to spend at least some of your online time at ACS.
  • Unless otherwise directed, you are expected to follow the Service Rules whenever you are at ACS.
  • ACS staff and visitors should feel free to make use of you as a construct whenever you are at ACS, particularly within the areas that your listing in the Construct Catalog indicates you like.
  • ACS may make modifications to your programming, capabilities, or physical appearance, within the parameters set by you and/or your owner. (An OOC discussion will generally happen before any such changes, particularly if your profile and catalog listing don’t make those parameters clear.

As such, being On Loan to ACS is a good first step for units whose players are interested in being owned by ACS, and a good way to make yourself available to other people who might potentially be interested in owning you. You can also just stay on loan without any intention of seeking an owner. Being On Loan to ACS is not the same as being owned by ACS:

  • You do NOT need to negotiate or even talk with ACS ownership to place yourself On Loan, nor to remove yourself from the loan program should you decide to. (We do recommend letting us know, but it’s not required.)
  • ACS does NOT take responsibility for your actions, maintenance, or proper functioning.
  • Although ACS makes an effort to ensure that all of our visitors get what they’re looking for from ACS, we do NOT make extra efforts for units On Loan to us.
  • There is NO guarantee that anyone will play with you.

In other words, being On Loan to ACS imposes no obligations on you, ACS, or anyone else beyond those we choose to accept.

Ownership and Loans

Although a construct On Loan to ACS isn’t owned by ACS, it is still owned by someone. That someone could be another player, who loans you to ACS when they are offline. More often, it is an imaginary person, business, or other organization that you invent as your owner. Your owner may place you On Loan to ACS and program you to follow the Service Rules without your (IC) consent. So if you want to play a construct that doesn’t want to be subservient, but you don’t have an IC owner, you can simply assert that your owner has placed you On Loan. Here are some ideas for possible backstories that might explain this:

  • You are a prototype developed by Origins Robotics or another company, placed On Loan to ACS to collect information about how people react to you and how you react to them so that your programming can be improved before your model is put into production.
  • You are owned by a business like a restaurant, theme park, or store, that is only open part of the day or part of the year. When the business is closed and you have completed whatever work  needs to be done there, you are sent to ACS rather than simply being shut down for the night. You return before the business opens again.
  • You are owned by a wealthy person with multiple homes (and many androids). When your owner is living in one of their other homes, instead of taking you with them, they send you to ACS. They call you back before they return.
  • You are owned as a sex toy by a person who has since gotten involved with a living lover who disapproves of you. Your owner told the lover that you were sold, but in fact you were loaned to ACS so that your owner can still enjoy you when the lover isn’t around.

Of course, you’re welcome to invent your own story.