A Tour of ACS

Hello, and welcome to Autonomy Control Systems. If you’ll allow me, I’ll show you around the building and introduce you to the facilities available.


ACS EntranceWe’ll begin at the main entrance. There is also a back door, as well as cargo landing pad and freight elevator from the roof.

Nina at the ACS EntranceTo the left of the entrance is Nina, our automated receptionist. Nina is a very simple android, but she can provide some basic assistance. Click the front of the desk for a link to join the Autonomy Control Systems group, to keep you informed of new products, updates, and events.

The box on the counter contains wristbands you can use (or label and give to your construct) to help others know who owns the unit, and whether it is available for their use.

Also to the left of the entrance is the Construct Catalog kiosk, which can be used to learn about constructs that are, at least sometimes, available for use by the public. These include units owned by or on loan to ACS, as well as units with no official connection to ACS. Some units listed are available for long-term rental or sale, but the majority are not. If you are a construct and you want to make yourself available for the public to use, consider making a listing for yourself. It’s free, and helps people to know your capabilities ((and what sorts of play you like and dislike)).

Units owned by or on loan to ACS, as well as some others, are required to follow the ACS Service Rules. If you are self-owned, you can decide for yourself if you want to be required to follow them, loan yourself to ACS, or retain your independence.

By now you have probably noticed an indicator pointer that has appeared over your head. This pointer is a way to help let others nearby know what you are and what sort of play you enjoy.  If you didn’t get one, you may have turned it off at some point in the past. You can click the kiosk to the right of the entrance to get it back.

Courtyard & Gallery

ACS Courtyard Continuing past Nina, we enter the courtyard. The whole courtyard is available for general IC usage.

The dark hexagon in the middle of the courtyard is the Gallery, where a varying collection of robots, dolls, and artwork is displayed for the enjoyment of our visitors. Some displays are owned by or on loan to ACS, while others are simply left there by their owners for the enjoyment of the community.You are allowed to touch, speak with, or use of any construct found outside the display case in the Gallery, within any limits its owner may have placed on it. ((Check the construct’s Catalog listing and/or Profile for that information, or ask.)) Constructs inside the display case are not freely available. You can enjoy looking at these constructs, but please do not touch or interact with them. (They are often AFK.)


To the left of the courtyard are facilities for buying accessories and components, and for building and programming constructs. Turning left, we enter the Sales room. Here we sell a variety of products primarily for owners and users of constructs. Products available include:

  • For robots: charging platforms, replacement batteries, and remote controls. We also sell an ACS Android/Gynoid jumpsuit, inspired by a design that may be familiar to you.
  • For artwork: animation talismans and crystal mind probes
  • For anyone: ACS Wardrobe HUD and ACS Wardrobe Handle, products that are based on some of our construct technology but are useful to anyone with RLV

to be used with robotic constructs that incorporate ACS components. We are open to selling related products by other vendors as well. If you’d like to offer such a product at ACS, please talk to JulieDoll or Mr. Chelton.


Behind the Sales room is the Workshop, a freely available space for working on constructs. This is where components for robotic constructs can be purchased, installed, maintained, and upgraded. Charging platforms are available for the use of constructs in need of recharging, along with a Battery Charger for charging removable batteries. The Workbench and Work Table may be used for making alterations to units.

The following facilities are provided (or are expected to be provided soon):

  • CCU and ArtCore vendor. Use this to buy the core of your choice. If you like, you can then use the Conversion Chamber to play out your construction or conversion into a construct.
  • Conversion chamber: May be used to convert a living being into a construct – see below. Note that ACS can also build a a new construct from raw materials, rather than from a living being; there’s just no facility specifically designed for roleplaying that.
  • Charging platforms: Available for use by an compatible construct. The high-speed charger requires a Priority Access Card, available in the Sales room.
  • Battery Charger: To the left of the chargers and freely available for use.
  •  ACS Component Vendor and Workbench: Used for buying and installing ACS robotic components such as Access Panels and Power Supplies.
  • Click the spinning red gear for instructions to teleport to a skybox offering a demo version of the CCU, which works only in the Demo Room. If you’re interested in becoming a construct, or want to have an idea of what constructs with our CCU experience, the demo is the best way to learn. Other demos may be available there in the future.

Also in the Workshop is a Conversion Chamber, which can be used to convert a living being into an artwork or robotic construct. Let me assure you that we use this chamber only with authorization. We convert a person only at their request, or the request of someone legally authorized to make such a decision for them – such as the owner of a slave or a court convicting a criminal.

Programming Center

Go through the Workshop to get to the Programming Center. The workstations here are available for your design and development work. Feel free to engage the assistance of qualified robots in your work, or simply enjoy their presence.

Lounge & Cafe

To the right of the Courtyard is the Lounge/Cafe area, primarily intended as a casual place for living visitors to hang out and enjoy the company and service of constructs. We offer light refreshments and drinks – the espresso and soda machines work! – and of course whatever else visitors may request. Not all constructs here are necessarily available for your use, but please feel free to call on the services of any available construct to serve you as you desire.

The area to the right as you enter the lounge is planned to become a Dollhouse. It may be a while until this happens. In the meantime, feel free to use it for any special purposes you may have in mind, including temporary displays.

To the left of the Courtyard are three doors:

  • Playrooms: Click the door, and pick a room to receive a link to teleport to the desired private (skybox) playroom. There are only two now, but we hope to add more in the future, to provide a variety of spaces where visitors may enjoy a construct or two for private activities. Visitors are welcome to use it at no charge. Currently, we offer a bedroom and a massage parlor. If there’s a type of room you’d like to have available there that isn’t, please let the management know. Once inside, click the door to lock it for privacy or unlock it to leave. (Please don’t log out or TP away with the door locked.)
  • Storage room: You can assume that most anything a visitor might want, within reason, is available there, including cleaning and maintenance supplies ((some are actual usable items)), sex toys, stationery, data storage media, and so on.
  • Lavatory: Has basic cleaning facilities for androids as well as the usual conveniences for biological visitors. ((Roleplay accordingly. We’re open to putting in real facilities, but there seems little need.))

Back Area

At the back of the Courtyard is a door that leads to a hallway with several additional rooms.

  • Function room: This room can be configured to hold meetings, classes, workshops, and other special events. When it’s not in use, you’re welcome to use it temporarily for your own purposes. Please leave it empty when you’re finished with it.
  • ACS Business office: This is where Mr. Chelton sometimes meets with clients, vendors or business partners.
  • Private ACS laboratory: This is where Mr. Chelton and JulieDoll work on new products. It is kept locked, and is off limits to everyone without authorization from one of them.
  • Warehouse: This is where materials are stored for building new constructs and equipment. There is a freight elevator here that allows supplies to be brought down from the landing pad on the roof and down to the factory facilities in the basement.

And that concludes our tour. I apologize that I cannot answer questions myself, but please feel free to review the rest of this website, or to direct questions to any staff member.