ACS Group Tags

ACS Customer is anyone who joined the Autonomy Control Systems group. Anyone may join it at any time for free.

User of ACS Units can be anyone who enjoys using, playing with, controlling, or otherwise interacting with constructs. IM JulieDoll if you’d like this tag.

ACS Controlled Unit can be any construct with a CCU installed. IM JulieDoll if you’d like this tag.

ACS Property, ACS Toy, and similar titles are units that are owned by ACS. If you have not discussed and roleplayed an acquisition by ACS, do not ask for this tag and do not ask to join this group.

ACS Staff Unit is a unit owned by ACS and serving as staff in the Hub.

ACS Owner is Alexander Chelton. He typically delegates the day-to-day business of ACS to the Manager Unit, but he does visit the Hub now and then to check on things and enjoy the units. He also sets company policy, and provides the creative imagination behind ACS’s products.

ACS Manager Unit is JulieDoll. She was built by Mr. Chelton, and she reports directly to him. She implements ACS’s policies. She also does the scripting for all of ACS’s products, and most of the technical support. Like all constructs owned by ACS, she is available for use by Hub visitors and others when not engaged in other tasks. (If she is in the Private Lab, she is probably not available.).

If you are interested in being owned by ACS, you should spend some time there, be interesting, and get to be known by the staff and regulars. See more extensive information about ACS Ownership.