Sample Conversion Scene Applications

If you’re not sure you understand what information we need for a good application, check out the following examples. (These are not real people. If you like any of the ideas, you’re welcome to adopt them.)

Example 1: Human non-convertee

Everyone - basic scene information

Second Life username: sample1
Character name, if different: Laura Gomez
Gender, species/type, other relevant physical characteristics:
human, female, Latina, realistic proportions, tall and muscular

General personality or attitude
Toward free persons, generally friendly or professional 
depending on the situation. Not easy to push around, but 
treat her with respect and she'll do the same.
Toward slaves or androids, if they cooperate and do 
as they're told, she's usually civil. But she's 
perfectly willing to use any means necessary to get an 
uncooperative slave in line, from harsh language to severe pain.
Not all that smart. Fascinated by technology, but doesn't really
understand it very well.

How do you feel about scenes involving sex or sexuality? 
If you are comfortable with sexual behavior, with what types of characters? 
Not that interested in general, and I don't expect her to 
have sex during this scene. If there's an android she finds 
attractive, she might play with it a bit while off duty. Prefers
masculine or androgynous to overly femme.

Everyone - Logistics
Which weekend(s) are you available? Either one!
What times of day do you expect to be available? 
  Probably two or three hours each day. 
  Usually between 2-6pm SLT, but if I'm needed at a 
    different time I can do that.
How likely are you to participate in the event, if it's 
held at a time when you can attend? Almost positive!

Conversion assistants

Who are you? Why are you participating in the event?
I'm muscle working for the slaving company. I was one of the
people assigned to bring the slaves to ACS and keep them in
line until they're converted.

What skills do you bring to the event? (This includes 
real-life skills, like programming CCUs, locating hair and 
skin based on a description, and making slave characters feel 
like slaves; as well as in-character skills like keeping 
slaves in line, modifying robots, or performing conversions.)

Real-life skills: I like to think I can make slaves feel like 
slaves. I know how to use lots of RLV devices. I'm okay at 
shopping. Oh, I'm also good at helping newbies figure out 
how to get around in SL.

Character skills: Keeping slaves in line, mostly. Good with
lots of weapons as well as unarmed combat.

What kinds of things would you enjoy doing during the event? 
(Passive spectating will be discouraged, but there are lots 
of potential ways to participate.)

I'm definitely curious about watching the conversions, but 
I'm also looking forward to disciplining slaves that might
try to escape, and seeing how constructs are different.

Example 2: Neko slave

Second Life username: sample2
Character name, if different: Prrasa
Gender, species/type, other relevant physical characteristics:
Male neko. Black hair, fur, and tail, claws (usually retracted),
human-like face.

General personality or attitude
Catlike. Telling me to do something is the surest way to
make sure I don't do it. I'm pretty lazy, and would much rather
have other people serving me than serve them. I'm nice to
people who are nice to me, but my claws can come out any time
if someone annoys me. Likes to cuddle, but would only be 
interested in sex with someone really special. Hate wearing
clothes other than shorts.

How do you feel about scenes involving sex or sexuality? 
As long as there's some play involved, especially D/s, I'm
fine with it. I'm also fine without it. Not picky about
partners as long as they write well - male, female, human,
furry, demon, whatever.

Everyone - Logistics
Which weekend(s) are you available? Definitely 8/25-26. I might
have a commitment on 8/18, but I can play on 8/19.
What times of day do you expect to be available? 
On weekends, I usually log on around 7-8am SLT and stick around
as long as I'm having fun.
How likely are you to participate in the event, if it's 
held at a time when you can attend? Definitely!

Who is your character, what do they look like, and why is 
nobody interested in purchasing them as a slave?

I accidentally wandered into a war zone, and got captured. I'm
not even sure who the sides were. They tried to make me into 
a slave, but everyone knows cats make terrible slaves. My hands
and feet have been tightly bound to keep me from using my claws

What do you (the player) like about the idea of having your 
character sold to ACS, converted into a construct, and potentially 
owned by ACS as a construct afterwards?

Losing control... getting forced to do what someone else wants
me to, even while I'm doing my best to fight it. Having someone
else be able to turn me into anything they want, program me
to behave they want to, or even make me unable to move at all. Yum.

What sort of construct would you prefer to be? Be as detailed 
as you like, but be sure to indicate which details are really 
important (i.e. things that will make you want to leave if they 
don't happen) and which are just ideas that appeal to you. (If 
there is more than one type of construct that interests you, 
feel free to say so, but be clear about which you would prefer 
even if you leave the decision up to me.)

I have two ideas I haven't been able to decide between, so I
guess I'll let you decide! But if I have to pick one, it's #1.

1 - An android that isn't a neko. Take away my claws and tail
and free will and even my name. MUST STAY MALE, but everything
else about my appearance you're free to modify. Make me as 
obedient as you want, program me any way you want (but I'm not
very good at playing different personalities). But keep my 
original personality in there, aware of what's happening 
to me but unable to do anything about it.

2 - I like the idea of being turned into an inanimate doll, too.
I'd rather stay a neko-doll in this case, but you can change that
if you want. I hope someone will let me move now and then, but
of course they can turn me back into a doll any time they want
if I don't do what they want me to.

What do you want to happen to your character after the weekend 
is over?

I'm pretty flexible. If I like how things go, I'd like to keep
playing the character. I don't think I want to be permanently
available for public use - I'd rather be sold to one person, 
especially if I'm an android. I don't have anyone specific in mind.

Do you already own one or more construct control systems? 
If so, which one(s)? Are you willing to buy a new one?
I don't have one because I couldn't decide what I wanted. But
yes, I'm willing to buy one.

Do you use a classic avatar or a mesh body? If mesh, what type?
Classic. Kind of want to go mesh, but I think I'll need help figuring
out how it works.

Are you willing to spend L$ on items such as appearance elements 
and clothing at my request? If so, how much?
Sure! Maybe L$2k or so? More if I like what you want me to buy.
And I'd rather you tell me exactly what to buy, rather than
make me shop for things myself.