Adult Avatar Policy

Please note that ACS is located in an Adult region and facilitates Adult activities. We have no objection to child avatars in general, nor to child players playing avatars of any age. However, we can’t allow them to be associated with ACS and we ask for your help with that.

Child avatars, and avatars played by children, may NOT:

  • Be listed in the Construct Catalog; we will remove all such listings
  • Visit ACS; we will eject you if we notice you
  • Link to ACS or Coghaven in their profile (we can’t enforce this but we strongly request it)
  • Be associated with ACS in other ways we haven’t thought of

We will not attempt to judge the “age” of an avatar by its size, and in case of ambiguity we will generally err on the side of assuming you’re an adult. We also won’t try to judge the age of a player. However, we will not ignore the obvious. If your profile or Construct Catalog entry states an player or character age under 18 (unless clearly intended as the “age” of a machine with the appearance and behavior of a non-child) or describes you as a child, and/or your speech and behavior are clearly childlike, then we cannot and will not realistically consider you to be an adult avatar. We will not be bound to specific rules in this determination; there is clearly a gray area. We will use our best judgment, when necessary.

We understand that an avatar may be used to play different characters at different times. You may be a child at one time, change to an adult for a while, and return to being a child at another time. You may visit ACS while you are clearly and unambiguously an adult in appearance, behavior, and profile. While you are an adult at ACS, you may buy ACS products if you choose, and we will not stop you from taking them elsewhere and using them as a child (though we hope you do so in child-appropriate ways). If you require technical support, you may need to return to an adult form to come to ACS. We’ll make a reasonable effort to support our products for any customer, but we need to ask you to do your part in presenting yourself as an adult when associating with ACS.

This issue has come up only a handful of times since ACS was founded, and we don’t expect it to come up often in the future.