About Constructs

A construct, as we use the word at ACS, is a mechanical, computerized, and/or magical creation designed for service and play. Constructs include androids, robots, drones, and dolls.

While many constructs are designed and built from scratch, others are made from lifeforms. Some people choose to become constructs, attracted to the simplicity, the freedom from responsibility, the abilities a construct may have, or just the beauty. Others may be slaves whose owners have chosen to have them transformed into constructs. ACS has also begun a partnership with certain law enforcement agencies whereby criminals convicted of serious crimes may be transformed into constructs to ensure they can never again harm society.

However it is created, a construct is not a person. They are generally designed to serve people, and it is appropriate to make use of them. Some constructs are programmed to display nearly human-like levels of intelligence, emotion, and desire, but they are still just machines, property to be used. It is entirely acceptable for their owner to give them orders, reprogram them, shut them off, or otherwise make use of them, or to make them available to others, without regard for any desires they may have.