ACS sells a number of products designed for constructs and their users:

  • The Central Control Unit, or CCU, is a programming and control system that may be installed on any construct. Units with a CCU may also have installed:
    • An Access Panel, which facilitates access to the unit’s key functions. ACS offers several editions of the Access Panel. All do the same thing, but look different.
    • A Battery, which provides a limited power supply for an android or robot. When the units charge runs low, its movement and speech are limited until it is recharged. If it runs out of power, it shuts down. Batteries have several configurable parameters.
    • A Wind-Down Doll Key, which also provides a limited power supply. However, instead of needing to be taken to a recharger, a doll with a key can simply be wound up by anyone who chooses to do so.
    • A Remote Control Chip, which acts as a built-in Remote Control, allowing the unit to control other units without the need for a handheld device.
  • Other Accessories for a CCU-based unit include:
    • A Charging Platform, which allows a unit with a Battery to recharge.
    • A Remote Control, which allows you to command a unit from anywhere in its sim.