Central Control Unit

The RLV-enabled Central Control Unit (CCU) is designed as a roleplay aid for android, robot, doll, and similar avatars. Combined with an Access Panel, Doll Key, Remote Control, or other control devices – even the Workbench in the ACS Workshop – it gives other characters a fun amount of control over you in ways that are natural and intuitive. Those who are more sophisticated can also write and edit program modules to access advanced functions of the CCU unlike any other product we are aware of in Second Life.

The best way to understand what the CCU is and does is to try it out. There is a free demo available at ACS – click the spinning gear in the OOC Zone in the middle of the courtyard to get to the Demo Room. The free demo includes a guided tour of the CCU’s main features, and works for up to 30 minutes as long as you stay in the Demo Room.

The CCU can be used without RLV, and it will still be fun, though some features will obviously not be available or work less completely.

The CCU is not intended as a brain implant to control human or other living beings. Some people do use it that way and seem to be happy with it, but we make little effort to support it and don’t really recommend it.

CCU Features (as of Version 1.11) include:

  • HUD display showing your status
  • Configurable controls, modes and commands
  • Programmable actions to take when controls are used, including programmed speech, change clothing/shape/attachments, speech renaming, and more!
  • When shut down, frozen, or otherwise immobilized, other characters can pose, carry, dress, and undress you.
  • HUD displays rules programmed into you, reminding you how you must think and behave (make these hypnotic triggers if you like!)
  • Programmable by your owner or others (if so configured)
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized modifications and reprogramming
  • Self-use can be restricted, giving your owner or others complete control
  • Support for limited battery life, access panel, remote control, doll key, and more!
  • Support for multiple shapes
  • Comes with Simulated Training Module, a guided tour of the CCU’s features to get you up to speed quickly.

Additional information:

You’ll also find additional links in the menubar at the top of the page under Manuals -> Central Control Unit, and general product information below.

CCU Price: L$599 – Modify, Copy, no transfer

CCU-Compatible Attachments include

  • Access Panel: A device mounted on the unit’s body to provide simple hands-on access to many of the CCU’s features, including shutdown/standby/activate, freeze, silence, and mode changes. Different editions offer the same or similar functionality with different looks for different types of unit – high-tech android, clockwork doll, and so on.

Access panel prices: L$99 – L$139 – Modify, Copy, no transfer

  • Battery: A device mounted on the unit’s body to provide a limited amount of electrical operating power for robots, androids, gynoids, and fembots. When power runs low, the unit’s movement and speech are gradually slowed down, until it finally shuts down when power is gone. A battery may be recharged at a Charging Platform. Battery life and other parameters are fully configurable. Your battery may offer an Emergency Reserve, allowing you to be recharged (or recharge yourself) a small amount to help you reach a charging station.

Battery price: $45 – Modify, Copy, no transfer

  • Doll Key: Provides a limited amount of mechanical operating power for mechanical clockwork dolls. Anyone can wind the key to keep the doll operating longer. As the key winds down, the doll’s movement and speech are gradually slowed down, until it finally shuts down. Contents may be copied to any other modifiable doll key, allowing the functionality of an ACS Key with the looks of your favorite key design.

Basic doll key price: $45 – Modify, Copy, no transfer
Pretty doll key price: $148 – Modify, Copy, no transfer

CCU-Compatible Accessories include

  • Charging Platform: Rez a charging platform at your home, store, or crossroads to allow battery-powered units to recharge. A Public Charging Platform can be used by any unit. A Private Charging Platform is keyed to a single unit and can only be used by it. Transferrable, no-mod, no-copy.
  • Remote Control: A remote control allows remote access to a unit’s CCU, providing access to most of the features of an Access Panel, plus the ability to modify the unit’s programming. Some remote controls are keyed to operate only one specific unit, while others will be able to connect to and control any unit.

* NOTE: No system that provides remote access can be 100% secure. A motivated and skilled hacker may be able to invade a CCU’s system and perform unauthorized program modifications. ACS cannot be held responsible should this happen to your unit.

Purchase and Installation

While you can purchase, install, and configure a CCU with attachments on your own, it is anticipated that most units will have their CCU installed and configured by their owners or by ACS staff. The Workbench located in the ACS Workshop allows authorized users to:

  • Install a CCU, Access Panel, and/or Battery
  • Adjust the position of the Access Panel and/or Battery
  • Modify the unit’s programming, including most configuration options
  • Lock the unit’s CCU and attachments in place so that the unit cannot remove or reprogram them
  • Install upgrades to CCU and attachments, when available
  • Send commands to the CCU like a Remote Control
  • Roleplay additional changes