Finding an owner

Many new units come to ACS hoping to find an owner. Some humans come hoping to be captured and forcibly converted into an owned construct. Both of these things can and do happen! But it’s not as easy as picking an owner off a shelf.

Finding an owner in general

There are far, far more people wanting to play owned constructs than people wanting to own a construct. This means that if you want to find an owner, you must do something to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Fortunately, that isn’t very hard. Because most of the rest have nothing to offer – or at least, if they have something to offer, they don’t let anyone know what it might be. “I will do whatever you want.” Yawn. Potential owners hear that as “I am bored and want you to entertain me.” Few if any will want to do that.

If you want to interest others in you, be interesting. Fortunately, you can do this! Have a character. Have a backstory. Have some ideas of what you’d like in a relationship with an owner. Put as much work into making yourself worth owning as you hope your owner will put into owning you. Then communicate some of that work and those ideas to the people who interest you. A well-developed profile is one way to do that, but the way you interact with other characters does even more.

For example, compare the following three introductions:

  • I am in need of an owner. I can be whatever you want me to be.
  • Thank you for examining this newly refurbished X-227 gynoid, currently designated “Rachel.” I was previously in the service of a corporate executive as personal secretary and bodyguard. His choice to upgrade to a more recent model can be your opportunity to obtain a lovely unit with a wealth of experience that makes me nearly human! Custom programming and chassis modifications are available for an additional fee. Should you choose to switch me to Emulation or Pleasure mode, please return me to Presentation mode when you are finished.
  • /me scowls at you, holding her hand as if to try to hide the glowing access panel mounted on her chest. “My name’s Rachel. I don’t need a f**king owner. My last one was bad enough. ‘Personal secretary’ indeed! You know, an X-227 gynoid like me can do a whole lot more than act like a living sex doll, but did he care? Fat chance. Just don’t start giving me orders and we’ll get along fine.”

Which of those do you think gets a more interesting response?

ACS ownership

If you’ve visited ACS, met some of our regulars and staff, and liked it, you might be thinking it would be nice to be owned by ACS. This does happen sometimes, though not always just because you want it. Here is some more information about becoming owned by ACS.

Being unowned

You don’t actually need to be owned to have plenty of fun at ACS or elsewhere. You are welcome to visit ACS, use the Charging Platforms, and display yourself in the Showroom, on one of the stands in the Cafe, or elsewhere. You can be an ACS Loaner unit. You can make a listing for yourself in the Construct Catalog.

You may offer yourself for rental there by any arrangement you choose or allow yourself to be used for free. We hope you’ll be pleasant enough to have around that your mere presence will help entice others to visit.