Community Partnerships

Autonomy Control Systems believes in working in partnership with local authorities to improve our community. We currently have two community programs in place.

Out-Of-Character Information

The Community Partnerships of these are intended as story hooks to allow your avatar to be transformed into an android or doll, or reprogrammed for service, against his or her will. We like that sort of thing. We particularly encourage you to play up your resistance to the process, your desire to fight back, your determination to escape, your hatred of being treated as property, and your humiliation at some of the orders you’ll be compelled to obey. At least, as much as your new programming allows. We’ll also enjoy your attempts to subvert your programming, misinterpret orders, and generally fight your new situation in any way you can, while still losing in the end.

You must talk ahead of time with ACS staff members about your preferences for how this will go for you. We will usually refuse to transform someone who just says “I don’t care” or “Do whatever you want.” We want you to be an active part of the creative process, not a passive audience. However, the ACS staff member will ultimately decide – taking into account your OOC preferences – what to do with you. She will instruct you what if anything you need to buy. If you are to be transformed or altered, you will usually* need to pay for an ACS CCU and any other equipment, such as access panels, skins, AOs, and so on, that you are intended to have in your new form. She will also determine and install your new programming.

General information about becoming ACS property can be found here.

ACS Justice Partnership

Autonomy Control Systems has entered into partnerships with legal authorities by which an criminal deemed incorrigible may be judicially sentenced to transformation into a construct. The construct will then be programmed to avoid harming others, to obey orders, and to follow other restrictions that may be provided for it. In some cases, the details of the criminal’s new form and programming may be specified by the court (perhaps as a result of a deal negotiated by attorneys). In other cases no guidance is provided, and ACS will use the criminal in whatever manner it deems most valuable.

The court pays a fee to ACS for this service (usually paid from the criminal’s assets) of between L$700 and L$1200, to cover ACS’s expenses. In addition, ACS requires information about the prisoner to be provided in order to determine that he or she is suitable for transformation.

Criminals so transformed typically become the property of ACS, except in cases where another individual or organization has arranged with the court to take possession of the new unit.

To take part in this, send JulieDoll or Mr. Chelton a notecard representing information provided by the court about you and your crimes. Make ’em juicy. Detailed is good. We’ll also have an OOC conversation, but this can get us started.

ACS Salvage Operations

Due to design defects or owner neglect, from time to time a construct is abandoned while still activated. A well-designed and properly maintained unit will normally shut down or locate its owner, but on occasion a unit instead behaves independently. Sometimes the unit begins to impersonate a human being, assuming a harmless independent lifestyle. Other times, it may become dangerous.

Local authorities from time to time provide Autonomy Control Systems with identifying information about abandoned rogue units. When we discover such units, we salvage them. When the unit can be profitably restored, we will repair and reprogram the unit, returning it to its owner (if known) for a reasonable fee. When it cannot, we disassemble it so that it can do no harm, and its valuable components may be reused to repair other, more functional units.

To take part in this, you may send JulieDoll or Mr. Chelton a notecard representing information provided by the authorities about you, or you could work with Silverrain Sucettes, the local authority in Coghaven. We’ll also have an OOC conversation, but this can get us started.