Buying ACS Components

a.k.a. “How do I become a ____________?”

Before you begin, bear in mind that ACS Components are designed for constructs, not living beings. If you or your property is not yet a construct, you may need use the ACS Factory to build a construct, or the ACS Conversion Chamber to turn a living being into a construct. (You can also just roleplay that you are a construct – nothing special is actually required.)

Browsing and Buying Components

The ACS Component Vendor is located in the Workshop.

Click the displays to examine the different components available. When you click on an item, it lights up, and a message appears above the displays indicating its price. You or anyone else can right-click on any part of the vendor, then click Pay, to buy the item for you. It will be delivered directly into your #RLV folder.

In short: Click, it lights up, pay, you get it.

Once the desired components have been purchased, you have two choices as to how to install them:

  • The easy way: Just attach the device from your inventory, like you would attach any other purchased item. No further configuration is required.
  • The fun way: Purchased components can be installed using the ACS Workbench. This allows you to roleplay an installation scene with another avatar. (The construct avatar must have an RLV Relay.)

You must have a CCU for any of the other components to work (and the Workbench won’t let them be installed if you don’t have a CCU). None of the other components are required, but most people prefer a robot to have an Access Panel, and many also want to include a Power Source. The Remote Controller Chip can make it easier for a construct to control other constructs, if that is intended to be part of its function.