Customizing Your Unit

One of the best things about owning a construct is the ability to customize it to work just how you want it to. Self-owned units may customize themselves.? The following list is not exhaustive, but lists some the things many units and unit owners will want to change:

  • The unit’s passwords (see p95 Factory). If you don’t change the password, then anyone can log into the unit and make nearly any changes they like, using a remote control or the workbench. Providing passwords at different levels allows you to offer limited access to your unit to some people, without allowing them to override all the programming you want the unit to have.
  • The unit’s ability to operate its own controls and modify its own programming (see “selfuse” in p95 Factory).
  • Actions to be taken and phrases to be said when the unit’s controls are used (see p75 Basic).

Items only the unit can change (in p99 Unit):

  • Remote accessibility. By default, any unit can be accessed by an ACS Remote Control. You may disable this functionality by adding “set remoteok=0”. This is appropriate for mechanical units like most dolls, and for robots that simply do not require this functionality.
  • Hackability. In an upcoming version, it will be possible for a skilled user to gain information from a CCU that may allow them to discover a unit’s password without authorization. The unit will also have some ability to attempt to thwart this. If you don’t want to allow this possibility, set “hackable” to 0.
  • Panel lock. By default, anyone can open your access panel (if you have one). If you set “panellock” to 1, then you will be asked every time someone new tries to open your panel whether or not to allow them to. Once you allow someone to open your panel once, they can open it again. Once your panel is open, anyone can use it.
  • Clothing folders. When you are shut down or frozen, others may change your clothing. To tell your CCU where your outfits are to be found, set your clothingfolders setting. For more information and examples, see ***.
  • Default shutdown and freeze poses. (Others can shift the unit into other poses once it is immobilized.) See p75 Basic.
  • Reports the unit makes when changing state.