ACS Ownership

ACS does not offer ownership as a service. We will not take ownership of you just because you want it. We do like to take ownership of constructs from time to time, and we like owning them. But we do it when, and with whom, we expect it would be fun for us. We have to be in the mood. You need to be bringing something interesting, not just another avatar for us to figure out what to do with. We are under no obligation to be fair about this – we do this because it is fun, and we will only take on responsibilities we think will add to our fun as well as yours.

Note that the ACS Loaner Program is available to anyone, with no need for permission from ACS. If you’re interested in being owned by ACS, placing yourself On Loan to ACS is a good first step.

What being an ACS Construct is about

  • Objectification. An ACS Construct is not a person. It is an object, a possession, a toy, a tool. It has no rights at all – not even the right of a slave to accept punishment for disobedience.
  • Nonconsent. An ACS Construct does not have the right to give or withhold consent for anything anyone may choose to do to or with it. It is used as others choose, regardless of its own feelings about that use.
  • Restrictions. An ACS Construct may be given programming limiting its behavior and compelling it to serve ACS and its visitors. It must follow this programming regardless of its desires.
  • Appearance control. An ACS Construct may be redesigned to suit the preferences of its owner. It will be dressed and groomed as others wish.
  • Display. An ACS Construct may be placed on display from time to time, its motor systems disabled, simply a mannequin to be admired by others.
  • Programmability. A robotic ACS Construct’s thoughts, feelings, preferences, and memories are simply software, capable of being modified to suit the preferences of its owner or users. Even its name may be changed.
  • Permanence. An ACS Construct does not become human again, nor does it become free. It can be sold, given away, or decommissioned, though in practice these rarely happen except for OOC reasons.
  • Having a place. Being an ACS construct gives you a place to belong and a role to play there. You are encouraged to contribute to ACS’s success with your ideas and your actions.
  • Some freedom. Being an ACS construct does not usually mean you are limited to doing only what you are told. Although some are usually immobile, an android is expected to be a lifelike simulation of a person, and that means you have desires, preferences, things you want to do, ways you like to behave, and so on. Mobile constructs are usually allowed to leave ACS and do other things on their own initiative, though they are required to return.
  • Limited freedom. An ACS construct’s programming takes precedence over any other desires, and sometimes prevents you from doing what you’d like to or compels you to do what you’d like not to – but often you will feel free to behave as you choose, within those limits.
  • Being useful. An ACS construct is expected to provide valuable services. Some examples of things this could include:
    • Greeting visitors and helping them understand what ACS is about.
    • Helping people learn to use and solve problems with our products.
    • Conducting conversion and installation scenes (with player consent).
    • Planning and/or running public or private events at ACS.
    • Performing errands for ACS management, including shopping, seeking out information, delivering messages, and more.
    • Contributing to the development of ACS products by building mesh, designing sounds, textures, or animations, and testing early versions of new products.

These are by no means all of the things that robot/android/doll roleplay at ACS can be about. But these are the themes most likely to appear in ACS-related roleplay, particularly that which ACS Management participates in.

But Out of Character…

  • ACS is not interested in owning your player, even if we own your character. We never ask for or expect pictures, voice, or information about your real life.
  • Even though we may enjoy thwarting or ignoring your character’s desires and making your character miserable, we want your player to be happy. We want you to enjoy playing ACS property, and we want you to like us.
  • We do not expect you to be in SL, playing your construct character, or playing at ACS, when you have OOC reasons to be doing something else.
  • If there are things you really want or really want to avoid, tell us. We will either do our best to ensure that your needs are met, or let you know up front that we can’t or won’t, in which case we are most likely not a good fit for each other.
  • We will never require you to do something that you OOC do not want to do. IC you have no rights; OOC you have all the rights you want. You can always refuse to do something, for any reason or none, even if you have previously agreed to do that very thing.
  • You can decide at any time that you no longer want to play ACS property. We ask that you let us know if you’re making this decision, particularly if there is something we might be able to do differently that would make you want to stay.

You are a good candidate to play an ACS-owned construct if…

  • You are enthusiastic and excited about playing an ACS-owned construct.
  • You are enthusiastic about playing the construct for a long time, not just about getting transformed.
  • You are looking for permanent ownership. (This doesn’t mean you can’t end the relationship if you end up not enjoying it, but your intention should be for a permanent status.)
  • You are looking to be owned, controlled, and used, not cared for, trained, or loved.
  • You have some ideas about what kind of construct you’d like to be, how you got to be that way, and what sorts of things you’d like to have happen to you in the future.
  • You are also willing to listen to and accept some of our ideas as well, hopefully merging them into a concept that is more fun than either of us would have thought of alone.
  • You are comfortable being left on your own a lot of the time, rather than expecting your owner to entertain you.
  • You are comfortable being one of several constructs owned by ACS, and looking forward to having interesting relationships with the others.
  • You are comfortable playing with other visitors to ACS, including obeying their orders. (You are allowed to refuse to play with someone you particularly dislike, or in a way you dislike, but most of the time you should expect to go along with a scene.)
  • You like to write in complete English words and sentences. If your Profile does not include at least one complete English sentence that you wrote yourself, you are very unlikely to be considered.

Our favorite constructs

We are most interested in units that are:

  • Resistant – see below
  • Attractive
  • Humanoid (as opposed to furry, faceless, or industrial-looking)
  • Realistic in style (as opposed to anime or cartoon-style)
  • Well-spoken (in English, the only language we speak well enough to roleplay in)
  • Interesting personalities
  • Present and responsive when they seem to be (not AFK all the time)
  • A consistent character – not coming in as a robot one day, a human the next day, and a dragon that evening
  • Able to be of genuine, not just role-played service, for example:
    • Helping visitors understand, buy, and use ACS products
    • Making visitors feel welcome and encouraging interaction
    • Organizing and/or running events that attract interesting people to ACS
    • Good texture, sound, or animation design
    • Negotiating with other vendors

You don’t have to be all of those things to be owned by ACS, but the more of them you are, the more likely I am to enjoy owning and/or playing with you.

Resistant units

We like resistant units. We don’t mind submissive robots who enjoy trying their best to please us, but what really gets us excited is units that units that clearly don’t always want to please us. This could be anything from an unwilling convert that hates the very idea of being owned and controlled, to a very willing unit that nevertheless has strong enough preferences that sometimes what they want conflicts with what we want, to a unit that simply enjoys being a brat and being forced into line rather than going willingly. We like when they try to get their own way. We like when they express their displeasure at what is happening. We like when they find loopholes in their programming or orders that let them get away with something. But despite all that, we expect that when a clear order is given or a clear program is installed, they obey. Because in the end, they are just machines, and have only as much choice as they are given.

The Justice Partnership and Salvage Operations programs provide some ways this can happen. You could be sold or donated to us by a previous owner (who need not be an actual avatar). Your body could have been built by us, with original independent programming or a personality copied from a living being. There are plenty of options, and if you come to us with something intriguing, that will speak well of you. Below are some origin ideas we’ve come up with; feel free to take one of them and build on it.


If you are interested in being owned by ACS, you should demonstrate to Mr. Chelton and/or JulieDoll that you’re the sort of player we’ll enjoy playing with. Some good ways of doing that: Spend time at ACS, be interesting, and get to be known by the staff and regulars. Have a profile and/or catalog listing that shows us something about your interests and your creativity. Being part of the ACS Loaner Program is good, though not required. Once we know you, you may let us know you’d be interested in being owned by ACS. Ideally you will suggest a way this might happen that is consistent with ACS policies and the way we generally work. However, there’s no guarantee it will happen, even if we like you. If we happen to be in the mood to acquire a new unit, and you seem like someone we’d like to acquire, and we have the time, we’ll discuss it with you further. If not, maybe we’ll bring it up another time, or maybe we won’t.

We will never spontaneously try to convert you or take ownership of you without an OOC discussion. Whether you want us to or not. Anyone attempting to do so is NOT acting on behalf of ACS.

Origin Ideas

Below are some ideas I’ve had for interesting ways a unit could become unwillingly owned by ACS. They are just the germs of ideas. If you like one, you’ll need to develop it further. And you are certainly welcome to suggest your own as well.

  • You were the CEO of a large multinational corporation. After an industrial accident released toxic waste that indirectly led to the deaths of thousands of civillians, you were held responsible and convicted of murdering them. You were sentenced to conversion.
  • You were built by a supervillain to assist in his/her plans for world domination. When your master was defeated, you were deactivated and sent to ACS for repurposing. (Perhaps, unknown to the authorities, the supervillian arranged for his/her personality to be downloaded into the android for safekeeping in case of his/her demise.)
  • As an independent sentient android, you started dating someone who thought you were human. You’d assumed they knew you weren’t. When they discovered it, they felt betrayed, and accused you of being dangerous. (Could be they were right, even if you never tried to hurt them.) You were sent to ACS for salvaging.
  • You believe you’re an independent sentient android who was suddenly attacked and kidnapped when she got lost on her way to the bathroom. In fact you were caught performing corporate espionage so secret you were programmed to be unaware of doing it. They sold you to ACS for salvaging.
  • You willingly agreed to be turned into a doll for your beloved Master/Mistress. Unfortunately, she got bored with you a few months later, and sold you to ACS.
  • You were a powerful sorceress in another realm, but you were defeated by a rival who transformed you into a robot and banished you here. As a machine, you were unable to access most of your magic, but nevertheless set about trying to regain your power. Unfortunately you were caught, disabled, and sold to ACS as salvage. You retain your lust for power, but ACS programming makes it very hard to pursue it…

Other Character Ideas

Here are some other ideas for characters I think would be fun to acquire and play with. Again, feel free to take one of them, develop it, and play it.

  • A dominant android – that is, one with a personality that seeks and enjoys control over others. Perhaps a converted human; perhaps an android designed to serve in a position of authority, such as a manager or teacher. At ACS, this android would have some control over other constructs, but would of course also be programmed to serve – a role it would not enjoy. Could be male or female.
  • A pair (or more) of androids converted from people who had a relationship with each other – could be siblings, lovers, owner and slave, boss and employee, or something else. (Or could be androids who had a relationship with each other.) As ACS androids, you still feel toward each other as you did before, but here you are equals and your feelings about each other may be ignored, enjoyed, even temporarily changed. Could be male, female, or one of each.
  • An android with a really unpleasant personality. Rude, shallow, demanding, cruel, vindictive, you name it. Probably not very smart. Perhaps a criminal converted to an android as part of the Justice Partnership, or one built by an unpleasant person and programmed to be pleasant only to her creator. Of course, as an android, it’s easy to restrain her more unpleasant behaviors, though when she has the opportunity she could certainly be cruel to other androids. I think this would be most enjoyable as a female, though male could be interesting too.
  • An android, possibly converted, that is truly dedicated to service. However, it has its own ideas about how to serve, which don’t always match what is expected. It may feel service should be provided in a dignified and retiring manner, but find that sometimes it’s required to be much more sexual and forward than it prefers. Or perhaps it wants to be the ideal sex slave, and resists being made to dress professionally and provide technical support. Male or female.