#1: Just One Shape

This is pretty much the simplest situation that requires any work. Let’s say you have decided to play a construct with the following characteristics:

  • You have only one shape – your skin, hair, eyes, and so on can only be changed manually by you.
  • Your clothing can be changed by anyone when you are immobilized.
  • You will have three different personality modes, each of which uses a different AO. (Let’s say, a flirty AO for Playful mode, a serious AO for Servant mode, and a robotic AO for Robot mode.) But you’re willing to let someone program in new personalities if they want to.
  • Since all of your personality modes share the same chassis, they can all be dressed in the same outfits. In Playful mode you might not?want to be dressed in a business suit, but nothing stops someone from dressing you that way if they want to.

RLV Folder Organization

  1. If you have not already done so, create a folder called “#RLV” in your inventory.
  2. Inside that folder, create two subfolders: “Outfits” and “Behaviors”.
  3. Inside “Outfits”, create one clearly-named folder for each distinct outfit you can wear. Create a link inside each such folder to each clothing item and attachment that is part of that outfit. Include shirts, skirts, pants, underwear, shoes, jewelry, scarves – anything someone might walk up to you and remove by hand. If you have many different outfits, create a folder hierarchy inside Outfits to organize them. Do not leave more than about 30 outfit folders inside any one folder.
  4. Inside “Behaviors”, create one clearly-named folder for each AO or other type of behavior-modifying device that you may wear. Create a link inside each such folder to each attachment that is part of that behavior. (Usually there will be only one item per folder, but that’s not a requirement.) Do not include any items that would be visible, like indicator lights or hair. You can include folders you don’t currently intend to use, if you’re willing to have people add programs to you that use them.
  5. The items making up your unclothed, unchanging body – skin, shape, hair, eyes, CCU, Access Panel, Power System, and so on – should NOT be inside Outfits or Behaviors or any subfolder of them. In fact, they don’t even need to be in #RLV if you don’t want anyone to be able to change them.Example:
    				BlueBallGown	(with clothing items inside)
    				Red Pants Suit	(with clothing items inside)
    				(more options here)
    				Green sweater outfit
    				Stripy skirt
    				Lavender lingerie

Program Modules

In this scenario, your program modules have two tasks: first, to allow people to change your clothing when you’re frozen, and second, to automatically change your AO when your personality mode is changed. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Edit your “p99 ShapesOutfits” notecard (“p99 Unit” if you got your CCU at Version 1.7 or earlier) to be sure it has the following lines:
    set clothingfolders=Outfits
    set behaviorfolders=Behaviors
    set shapefolders=folderThatDoesntActuallyExist

The first line is all that is needed to tell your CCU what outfits you can be dressed in using your handle poseball while you’re immobilized.

The second line tells your CCU that folders in your Behaviors folder constitute behaviors that your program modules are allowed to add and remove to change the way you act (not the way you look).

The third line, if set to a folder that actually existed, would tell your CCU that folders in that folder constitute different appearances that your program modules are allowed to change the way you look. This usually requires a higher program level than changing the way you act. Since the folder doesn’t exist, no folders can be changed this way. That’s what you want, since you don’t shapeshift.

2. The actions that change your personality mode should include ones that remove any behaviors that are not appropriate for that mode, and add the ones that are. For example:

action (personality=playful)...

action (personality=servant)...

action (personality=robot)...

What if someone wants to program me with a new personality mode?

No problem. Assuming they have sufficient access to download and replace the program module that defines your personality modes, they add a new mode just like the others; for example:

action (personality=bodyguard)...

Before doing that, of course, they should make sure you have an appropriate AO inside a folder called #RLV/Behaviors/SoldierAO. You’ll need to help them with that – they can give you the AO they want you to wear, but only you can put it into your Behaviors folder. Of course, you may have put some AOs in there that aren’t called for by any mode yet, anticipating that someone might add such a mode.

What if someone wants to program me with a new shape?

They can’t. You’ve programmed your CCU not to allow that, and because you did so in a level 99 program, nobody can change that except you.

But suppose they don’t know that, and they try to add something like:

action (personality=robot)...

Your CCU will accept that program – it’s syntactically correct and compiles. But when you are switched into Robot mode, you will generate an error like, “Error in program module: folder ‘RobotMarkSixteen’ cannot be attached.” Because RobotMarkSixteen isn’t in your shapefolder (which doesn’t even exist) or your behaviorfolder. Whoever programmed you has created a bug. Hopefully they will fix it, too.