Known Problems and Workarounds

Despite our best efforts, at times people do have trouble using our products. Sometimes it’s because they’ve made a mistake in configuring or using the product; sometimes it’s because they’ve run into a bug. This page lists some of the problems we’re aware of, and how to troubleshoot them.┬áIf you have a problem not mentioned here, or the suggested fix doesn’t work for you, please notify JulieDoll.

General troubleshooting tips for all products:

  • If a product isn’t working, DO NOT buy a new copy of the product. That almost never helps. If you do need a new one, contact JulieDoll – she can usually give you a new one at no cost to you.
  • Clearing your cache will not help. (There are very few problems for which that is a good idea nowadays; it is more likely to make things worse.)
  • Relogging doesn’t usually help, but it costs nothing to try.
  • Resetting scripts on one or more of your devices is a good general-purpose strategy when you don’t know what else to try. You can’t do it on a CCU component that is bolted down, or an ArtCore on which you have increased restrictions, so you may need to undo that first. This is rarely the best solution, but it does tend to fix most problems.

Troubleshooting tips for CCUs and related products:

  • If you’re having problems recharging a battery, or people cannot use the Workbench to upgrade you or Remote Controls to control you, you may have deleted the “set trustedcreators=brattle” line in your p99 Unitonly program module. This line tells the CCU to allow devices I created to connect to it; remove it, and they can’t.
  • Random program lines fail. The program parser is very sensitive to capitalization and spacing. Make sure all key words are in lowercase, and there are no spaces before or after colons, equal signs, or commas required by the command.
  • If you’re seeing a bunch of text that begins with “** mc” and makes no sense, some debugging has gotten turned on that shouldn’t be. Edit whichever device is producing the messages, and carefully delete the script called “-MessageMonitor.” Don’t delete anything else.
  • CCU allows normal (non-green, non-object) speech. This is (and always has been) normal behavior for the CCU. Intercepting speech creates lag – not a lot, but some – and so the CCU does not do it unless there is a reason for it to. Reasons include using the speechname: command to change your name in chat to something other than your display name, altering your speech to when power is low or it is being interfered with, and speaking for you when your programming requires it. Otherwise, the CCU reduces server load by letting it handle your speech normally. Starting in version 1.12, you can add an line “action (power=1) objectspeech:Y” to force green speech even when there is no other reason to do so.
  • CCU renames you when you don’t want it to. Look for a “speechname:<some name here>” line in your programming, and remove it. Whether you found one or not, add a line “action (power=1) speechname:”. Then reboot.
  • Access Panel colors can’t be changed. The colors of the standard indicators cannot be changed. It would be pretty confusing if they could, since everyone’s indicators would indicate things differently, meaning they wouldn’t indicate anything at all. The color of the metal or plastic frame that the indicators are embedded in can be changed, allowing you to match the color of the panel’s skirt to your skin, and make the rest of it steel, copper, white plastic, or any other material you choose.
  • Bento head or hands move around while frozen. This is because the freeze animation being run does not account for the new Bento bones. Using a non-Bento AO will often solve this problem; using a non-Bento head and hands certainly will. I hope to update the freeze animations that come with the CCU someday, but this probably won’t happen soon (unless someone volunteers to make new freeze animations).
  • Head moves around while frozen, even with no AO active. In Firestorm, try going to Preferences -> Firestorm -> Avatar, and reducing the top two sliders to 0.
  • Eyes blink while frozen: This is currently unavoidable, as far as I’m aware, due to an SL change that happened some time in 2017 or so.
  • If you do not have the latest version of the CCU (1.12 as of July 2018), get it by updating your CCU.

Troubleshooting tips for ArtCore and related products:

  • If you do not have the latest version of the ArtCore (2.2.2 as of June 2018), get it by contacting JulieDoll. (Sorry, there is no automated updater for the ArtCore at this time.)
  • More to come…