ACS Rules

There aren’t a lot of rules at ACS. Of course there are the standard rules – no gratuitous out-of-character obnoxiousness, no griefing, no underage sexuality. But if you’re human, the rules are more about what you can do than what you can’t.

OOC Rules

  • Constructs are not people. That means you don’t have to treat them like people. They don’t have rights. You don’t have to be nice to them. You don’t have to respect the wishes or feelings they express. You can if you like, but you don’t have to.
  • Use and enjoy constructs as you like. That’s what they’re for.
  • Respect the ownership of each construct. For example, don’t damage them without the permission of their owner, and recognize that their owner’s wishes for a unit will overrule yours.? ACS recognizes that some units are self-owned, although we believe this is an anomaly and should not be encouraged.
  • Respect the real life people behind the constructs. Each construct is played by a real human being at a computer. Do be nice to that person, even if you’re not being nice to their construct character. Use IMs and ((out-of-character comments)) as needed to make sure they’re okay with what you’re doing, and respect their requests.
  • In-character activity takes priority over OOC activity, except in the designated OOC Zone and the Demo Room skybox. That means that if a bunch of constructs are goofing around in the lounge, and you want to come in and freeze them or order one to come serve you,  you are free to do so.

IC Rules

There are a few additional rules established by Mr. Chelton that all visitors should follow. Staff are required to correct the behavior of constructs failing to follow these rules, or to ask people violating them to change their behavior or leave ACS premises.

  • No theft (including of constructs), assault, or property damage.
  • Constructs are property, not people. They have no rights; they exist to be used.
  • Units owned by ACS, or on loan to ACS, may be removed from the building but must be returned within 24 hours. (Management may make exceptions to this policy.)
  • Weapons may not be worn, displayed, or used. Weaponry built into a construct and not removable is permitted, so long as there is reason to expect the weaponry will not be used. Nonfunctional toy weapons (e.g. a toy solder’s rifle) are permitted.
  • The ACS Laboratory and Factory Access on the upper floor are off-limits except by permission of the management.
  • Materials and supplies should be delivered to the loading dock located outside the building on the east side. This includes avatars arriving to be built as brand-new constructs (as opposed to people to be converted into constructs).
  • Public nudity and sexual activities are permitted. However, if your public sexual activities make other visitors uncomfortable, please move elsewhere. For maximum privacy, you can use the Playroom skyboxes available from the northwest corner of the upper floor.

Note that ACS Staff units (JulieDoll in particular), represent the ownership of ACS. From time to time they may make requests on behalf of ACS, and these should be respected as the wishes of the ownership. If you are uncertain whether a request is that of ACS or the individual android, please ask.