Enjoying Constructs

People often wonder, “What can I do with a construct?” The possible answers are limitless, but here are some ideas. Of course, not all units are equally capable of all of these tasks. If you ask a unit to do a task it isn’t programmed for, you’re not likely to get the results you wanted. (It still could be entertaining.)

  • In the real world, robots are used to do tasks humans find tedious or distasteful or simply aren’t good at. ACS units can be used this way too:
    • Have them find the perfect item for you on the Marketplace or in-world stores, and report back to you where you can buy it.
    • Have them make textures, sound effects, animations, or other things you may want.
    • Have them clean. Sure, SL doesn’t have much of a representation for things being dirty, but you can use your imagination. Just be sure to keep it interesting. Give the robot something to do besides emote, “/me washes the dishes” or “/me sorts the books alphabetically.”
  • Many units have valuable knowledge they can use on your behalf:
    • Have them give you a tour of a sim you’re not familiar with.
    • Have them teach you to do something new.
    • Have them share information about their past.
    • Some units can provide opinions on your new look, your profile, your web page, or other things you want to have present a good impression of you.
  • Constructs can often store and organize information:
    • Have a unit collect information from people or places, organize it for you, and give you a report of the results.
    • Have them locate information you want (in SL, on the web) and direct you to it.
  • Various kinds of constructs make good companions:
    • A doll can be source of quiet beauty, offer you positive affirmations, or reassure you.
    • Sex dolls and sex androids will of course have sex with you upon request, with varying degrees of skill, interest, and flexibility.
    • Constructs can participate in many different kinds of games with you. They can be instructed to let you win, to give you a difficult challenge, or even to distract other players.
    • Holding a party or convention? Have androids direct guests to their destinations, serve drinks, eject undesirables, or provide information.
    • Some androids are so sophisticated they can almost seem like genuine lovers or friends, if you want them to.
  • A construct doesn’t have to do anything to be valuable. Many are simply beautiful, and can be posed and dressed as decoration.

Keep in mind that while some constructs are programmed to display human-like emotions and preferences, they are only simulations. You needn’t feel obligated to cater to a construct’s desires. They were created to serve our needs.? ((That said, do check in OOC with the construct’s typist/player if you’re concerned that what you want might be unacceptable to them, and respect requests made out of character.))