If you need help with your ACS components, this website is the first place to look. You can find solutions to many problems and answers to many questions here. In particular, try the Known Problems and Workarounds page – if your question is a common one, it is probably answered there. If it isn’t, keep reading:

If the problem is an error message from an ACS component, you must read the error message. Many error messages explain very clearly what the problem is and how to fix it (although certainly some do not). Even if the message doesn’t make sense to you, anyone who is going to help you will need to know the error message, so don’t click it away before copying the information somewhere. In particular, if you get a “Stack/Heap Collision” error, it is essential that you note the name of the script that generated the error – it will appear in the message you see. Without that information, it is impossible to know what went wrong and very difficult to help you.

If neither this website nor the product itself gives you enough information to solve the problem, there are three other good things to try:

1. Come to ACS and see if there is someone here who can answer your question. Many regular visitors are very familiar with the ACS components and enjoy helping people troubleshoot.

2. Ask your question on the Autonomy Control Systems group. Again, many people in the group like to help.

3. IM JulieDoll. She is not always available, but when she is, she knows more about our products than anyone else. (Don’t ask if she’s available; just ask your question. If she’s not available, she’ll answer you when she is.)

4. Ask your question at the ACS Helpdesk. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

When asking for help, please provide as much information about the problem as you reasonably can, right away. Don’t ask if anyone can help – nobody knows if they can help until they know what your problem is, so just say that right up front. When IMming JulieDoll in particular, she may not respond right away if she is busy or logged out, but if you give her enough information, she’ll answer when she is able to. You might find your answer waiting for you the next time you log in.

If none of those options is available to you, you can always try resetting scripts on the problem component (as long as it isn’t bolted down, or can be unbolted).

Finally, if you can think of something that would have made the problem easier for you to solve in the first place – a better explanation on the website, a clearer error message, whatever – let JulieDoll know. We want to make things as easy as we can, and sometimes you’ll see a way we can make things easier that we didn’t think of.