Other Products

Lots of other people make good products of interest to androids, robots, and dolls. Some of them are listed here. Feel free to make recommendations of your own in the comments.

Laq Skins

  • LAQ ~ Body Oil: JulieDoll says, “This is a very nice shine layer that can make a normal skin look just a bit plastic. Perfect for near-realistic androids. There are male and female versions; I don’t know how they differ. LAQ also has what look to be some very nice skins, but only posts pictures of the faces so it’s hard to be sure.”

Mindshift Animations

  • Dolly Pose Pack: JulieDoll says, “Most of these animations I wouldn’t use, but there are a few decent ones, and more for a broken-doll sort. It’s not an AO, though, just 10 static animations.”

Mercurial Research (so mercurial it’s had two stores, both gone.)

  • Clockwork Doll AO: JulieDoll says, “It really only has two stands, static with subtle variations. Nice mechanical walk, though. Standard ZHAO-II HUD.”

Tuty’s Creations

  • JulieDoll says, “They make some really well-done animations here. Several of the poses in the display stands at the HUD came from here.”
  • Electric Barbarella AO: JulieDoll says, “This is a really well-done AO, but it’s very busy,? which I personally dislike. When I’m standing and talking to somebody I don’t like to look like I’m having a motor system breakdown. It’s got a lot of good walks in it, though.”