ACS Policies

1. ACS respects the rights and integrity of all free persons.

  • We do not engage in unauthorized restraint or conversion.

2. ACS promotes the safe and responsible design and construction of autonomous machines.

  • We seek to ensure all of our units can be enjoyed and utilized without risk of harm.
  • When we become aware of an unsafe unit, we take steps where possible to bring the problem to the owner’s attention or otherwise address the danger.

3. ACS respects property rights.

  • We do not modify or use units without permission of the unit’s owner, except when necessary for the public safety.
  • We do not interfere with the right of owners to modify and use their property – living or synthetic, autonomous or not – as they see fit.

4. ACS encourages owners of constructs to make them available for the use and enjoyment of others.

  • Any construct found at ACS is available for use by staff or visitors unless clearly indicated otherwise.
  • Visitors will be expected to make restitution for any damage they may cause to the property of others.

5. ACS promotes the responsibility of construct creators and owners for the actions of their property.

  • Constructs found at ACS without an identified owner may be salvaged at the discretion of ACS for use, rental, or sale. ((This will be discussed OOC first, of course.))
  • Safe and functional self-owned constructs are exempt from salvage.

6. ACS is for Adult players and Adult avatars. See our Adult Avatar Policy.