About ACS

Autonomy Control Systems is…

  • A meeting place for synthetic characters (which we call “constructs“) and those who enjoy them
  • A store selling android- and doll-related products – specifically, scripted devices that help operators exercise control over constructs (or, from the other perspective, they help constructs offer control to operators)
  • A workshop where constructs may be built, maintained, modified, repaired, and reprogrammed
  • An agency allowing customers to borrow or rent constructs for temporary use (informally, to be negotiated by OOC consent). Occasionally, we may have constructs for sale as well.

The key interests that ACS was designed to support are:

1. Control and ownership. If you’re turned on by the idea of being able to control someone completely, or having someone else control you completely, then ACS is for you. A construct can be controlled by, for example:

  • Compelling them to obey your orders, whether they want to or not
  • Freezing them, posing them, and putting them on display in a window for anyone to look at
  • Redesigning their body and personality to your liking
  • Making them answer your questions truthfully, even about their deepest secrets
  • Having them follow and serve you
  • Programming them to follow specified rules

2. Robots and dolls. If you like the idea of being, having, using, or playing with a machine or toy designed to look and act mostly human, then ACS is for you. We focus primarily on robots that look mostly human (androids and gynoids), but also support dolls, cyborgs, living mannequins, and living statues, as well as (to a lesser degree) nonhumanoid robots. This interest includes control as above, but also extends to deactivation, objectification, malfunctions, maintenance and repair, selling and renting

3. Consensual non-consent. If you like the idea of other people controlling your avatar without regard for your avatar’s consent or preferences, or being able to control another that way, then ACS might be for you. However, regardless of how much we may dehumanize and objectify construct avatars, we require that players be treated with respect. If a player objects to they way they are being treated, that treatment should stop.

4. Transformation. If you like the idea of being transforming someone into a construct, or being so transformed, then ACS might be for you. We tend to be more focused on what happens afterwards than on the transformation itself, but our Conversion Chamber and Workshop can be used to perform transformations.

5. Sexiness. At ACS, constructs aren’t just fun and useful, they’re sexy too. We don’t expect sex to happen all the time; in fact, there tends to be very little of it. Most of the time, humans and constructs alike are fully clothed. But cuddling, kissing, and sex are all permitted, including non-consensual sex with constructs (as long as their player consents). And even when those things aren’t happening, we like attractive avatars of any gender, dressed sexily and behaving sensually.

Anyone who finds those things interesting is always welcome at ACS, so long as you are not abusive to or disrespectful of other people or players. (Being abusive or disrespectful to constructs is entirely acceptable, so long as you respect the construct’s player.) You do not need to ask permission. If there are others present, striking up a conversation is usually welcome – say hello, ask questions, let people know what interests you. You’re also welcome to just stand and observe, but you’ll probably find that less fun.