Facilities: The ACS Building

Autonomy Control Systems is run out of a building in the northern part of Coghaven. The building is considered a roleplay zone. Discussion of real-world events is discouraged; visitors are strongly encouraged to behave in character at all times except in the OOC Zone in the middle of the courtyard. Feel free to treat constructs as the machines, toys, and displays that they are.

What to Expect at ACS

When you arrive at the entrance, you’ll be given an indicator pointer that helps you let others know what you are and how you would like to be treated. Click it to find out how to customize it to say what you want it to say, or to make it go away entirely if you don’t like it. If you don’t get one, click the Indicator Pointer Kiosk in the Courtyard next to the Cafe/Lounge, and one should appear shortly.

Constructs available for public use are encouraged to register themselves in the Construct Catalog. Constructs may be loaned to ACS without the need for permission.  Any construct is welcome to place itself on display in the Showroom or elsewhere for the enjoyment of other visitors. Otherwise, behave toward staff and visitors as your programming requires. Note that ACS is not a place where constructs, even sentient ones, are considered to have rights. If your owner allows it, you may be required to serve staff or visitors, place yourself on display, or submit to programming changes, without regard for your desires. ((OOC desires should always be respected.))

Other visitors are welcome to play with the various units at ACS. Their access panels and other controls should be considered available for your use ((although OOC preferences should always be respected)). Most units also follow spoken commands, respond to remote control, and can be touched, manipulated, and otherwise enjoyed. It is rarely necessary to tolerate undesired behavior from a construct – most can be adjusted to your liking, or if they continue to be unsatisfactory, turned off. Similarly, punishment is unnecessary. If you will enjoy punishing a toy you may certainly do so, but if you simply wish to correct its behavior, there are more direct methods to use.

Sex and Nudity

The ACS building is a public space, but not accessible to minors. Public nudity is permitted, though living visitors may prefer to remain decently clothed. Constructs may be undressed as desired ((subject to their OOC limits)). Nude displays are permitted in the Showroom, and of course constructs will often be undressed for maintenance in the Workshop.

Public sexual activity is generally permitted except in the Shops, but please be courteous – if a visitor ((or player)) is clearly uncomfortable with your sexual activities in the Lounge, please move elsewhere. For more privacy, you can use the Playroom skyboxes available from the upper floor.

Getting More Involved

If you are interested in taking on a specific role at ACS, something that won’t happen just by showing up, talk to JulieDoll or another staff member, or to Mr. Chelton, the owner. We keep a list of Employment Opportunities, but if you have an idea of your own don’t hesitate to suggest it.

Tour the Facility

Click here to take a guided tour of ACS and learn more about the facilities available.