Partner Vendors

ACS would like to offer products from other vendors at the Hub as well, so that they too can be installed using the Installation Workbench. Items we would consider carrying should:

  • Be specifically useful for androids, dolls, and similar constructs.
  • Be intended as part of the body, not clothing or accessories.
  • Not be *direct* competition with an ACS product. (If you need more guidance on what this means, ask JulieDoll.)
  • Not be skins or full-body tattoos. At the moment our rental agreement prohibits such items being sold at the Hub.

Examples of items we would love to carry are:

  • Doll and android AOs
  • Pretty doll keys
  • Robotic attachments such as earpieces, lights or labels
  • Cybernetic eyes

Contact JulieDoll if you make appropriate products and are interested in offering them at the Hub.