The most important goal at ACS is that all players involved should have fun.

Everything else on this site – guidelines, IC rules, OOC rules – are intended to promote that goal. However, any guideline may be violated in the interest of fun if everyone involved agrees. For example, you might decide you want to steal a robot. This is against ACS rules. But if you have OOC conversations with the robot’s player and owner, and you all agree that this sounds fun, go for it! If there are other players around when you do it, just let them know ((This is an agreed-upon roleplay – you’re welcome to intervene IC if you like/we’d prefer you not try to intervene/whatever)) so nobody feels like something OOC bad is happening.

Likewise, if you’re doing something that is making things unpleasant for others, they have the right to ask you to stop, even if you’re not actually violating a rule. Even someone who gives every sign that they want people to control them can still ask you OOC not to do something you’re doing to them, or to leave them alone entirely. You should honor this request.

In case of real problems, you may contact JulieDoll, who is authorized to make IC or OOC judgments when necessary. She can ask visitors to leave, or even ban them from Coghaven. This has hardly ever been necessary, and we expect it will continue not to be.