ACS ArtCore

ACS Mannequin on a standACS has automated the magic needed to create artwork imbued with a personality. Artwork can be a mannequin, a statue, a doll, or really any sort of immovable figure you might want to be.

Just buy the ArtCore from the vendor in the Workshop at ACS. Attach it manually, or go through the Conversion Chamber or the Factory. Within a few moments, you will be a statue, mannequin, doll, or other artwork avatar.

Recommended: You need to do a little setup before installing the ArtCore. Read Becoming ACS Artwork to find out what.

See also Being ACS Artwork.

When you’re artwork

  • You are completely immobile and helpless, on display for all to enjoy. Even your eyes stop blinking. (As delivered, you can still do a bunch of things, including animating yourself at will. But if you really want to be at the mercy of others, you can increase restrictions.)
  • Anyone can use the icons over your head to change your clothing, pose you, carry you around, and sit you on things. (Unless you’re made of a rigid material that can’t be reposed, or are too heavy to carry, or are the wrong shape to dress.)
  • Anyone can easily add new poses to you (as long as they have full permissions on them). [This feature did not work in the initial release, but has been corrected. Contact JulieDoll for an update if yours doesn’t work.]
  • You can be temporarily animated by someone else using their Animation Talisman (sold separately).
  • You can be animated indefinitely if you are wearing your own Animation Talisman.

Being Animated

You can set up your ArtCore so that when you are animated or deanimated, you automatically add and remove items – for example, you might lose a plastic sheen and add an Animation Override when animated. In addition, while you are animated:

  • You can move and talk like a person.
  • You can dress and undress yourself using your HUD.
  • You can pose and stay still, allowing others to pose and dress you, or even making them think you still can’t move.
  • Anyone can turn off your Animation Talisman, deanimating you immediately.
  • If it’s not your own talisman, it can be removed and returned to its owner.

Other ArtCore features:

  • You can rename and organize your poses for ease of use
  • You can make more than one form available (for example, a Statue and a Mannequin), each of which can be animated and have different properties. You can change forms yourself, or someone else can change you using a Reshaper Talisman.

ArtCore Accessories

ACS offers the following devices for use with ACS Artwork. They can all be purchased at the ACS Magic Shop, to the left (west) of the courtyard.

  • Artwork Stand. Free! Holds a mannequin, statue, or doll upright and looking pretty. Can be moved horizontally (not by its occupant!) by dragging it slowly. [You’ll be put on one automatically when you’re first transformed.]
  • Animation Talisman. You can put this on any artwork avatar with an ACS ArtCore to temporarily give the artwork the power to look, move, and talk like a real person. When it’s taken off, the artwork reverts to its usual immobile state. The talisman requires a while to recharge before it can be used again.
  • Reshaper Talisman. You can put this on any artwork avatar with an ACS ArtCore to reshape it – changing its pose, or (if configured) even change it from one art form to another.
  • Mannequin Sign. Rez it near an artwork display and drag in a texture for it to display. Sometimes unexpected little messages turn up on them, too – almost as if the artwork were trying to communicate through it!
  • Crystal Ball. Do you ever want to know what an art object is thinking and feeling inside that inanimate body? Touch one of these Crystal Balls near it and find out. It will change color to indicate the artwork’s feelings (orange for happy, blue for sad, red for mad, yellow for scared, green for desire) and show you some of its thoughts. ((The artwork’s player will have to cooperate for this to work, of course. If the Crystal Ball just turns black inside, then the player isn’t cooperating. You can make an OOC suggestion that they do so, if you like. Point them to if they don’t know how.))