Being an Artwork Avatar

Being artwork is easy. Just stand there and look pretty. Don’t like how you’ve been posed or dressed? Just stand there and look pretty. Have something to contribute to the conversation? Just stand there and look pretty. You really can’t do it wrong.

When you are artwork, you cannot speak or move. You can emote – it’s a good idea to do that now and then, as it lets people know you’re paying attention and not AFK. But keep it minimal:

  • /me stands there looking pretty.
  • /me does not react as you touch him.
  • /me’s skirt rustles slightly in the breeze.

Please do not emote things like, “/me smiles at the joke,” or “/me enjoys the feeling of your hand on her face.” Part of being artwork is that you cannot react to things and cannot communicate how you feel. Enjoy that. Let people wonder – if they care – what’s going on inside your plastic or stone head. If they wonder enough, there are ways they can let you tell them.

It’s Magic!

Don’t expect this page to tell you every last detail of how the ArtCore works. Magic doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. You may learn new things by experimenting.

The ArtCore HUD

The ArtCore HUD indicates what form you are in. It also can have the following buttons:

The ArtCore Hud

  • Anim. If you are allowed to animate yourself, click this button to do so.
  • Deanim. If you’ve animated yourself, click this to change you back to your inanimate form.
  • Dress. Click this to change your clothes using the Handle system. (Usually disabled when deanimated.)
  • Pose. Click this when you’re animated to voluntarily assume a pose from your Handle. Just walk forward or backward a little to unpose. (Usually disabled when deanimated.)
  • AFK. Click this at any time to put an “AFK” notice over your head. If you are deanimated while AFK, you cannot be animated again until you return. Click any part of the ArtCore HUD, or walk, to turn off the AFK notice.

    The ArtCore HUD (when animated)

  • +…. Provides a dialog that offers more options:
    • Detach. Detaches your ArtCore, if possible.
    • Manual. Gives a link to these pages.
    • Poses. Rezzes a Pose Assistant over your head. You can drag more poses into it to make them available for posing you. [This feature did not work properly in the first release of the ArtCore, but has since been fixed. See JulieDoll for an update if your Pose Assistant reports that you do not have permission to add the pose even when you do.]
    • Hovertext. (New in Version 2.3.) Lets you enter a short message that will be displayed over your head. You can use this to let other players know a little about your wants or your status: “AFK until 6pm SLT” or “Please do not remove from this building.” You can include line breaks.
    • AO. Click this if you find yourself moving when you should be deanimated. It will reset your poses, which usually fixes it.
    • AO Stopper. If you frequently need to use the AO button, click here to get a script that you can add to your AO to prevent it overriding your ArtCore’s animations. (Or better yet, make sure your AO is removed when you’re deanimated.)
    • Form. If you have multiple forms available, this button lets you change forms.
    • Restrict. Lets you change your restriction level and some other things – see below under It’s Roleplay… or is it? for more details.
      • ++Immersion. Increases your immersion level by adding restrictions. See below. (Not available in the free demo. Buy and install a License to enable this option.)
      • ++Constructs/–Constructs. Changes whether or not constructs can fully operate a talisman you wear. Normally they can’t, but if you want to be fully usable by them (for example, if you’re owned by a construct), you can change this.
      • –Inventory. Makes your inventory unavailable when you are deanimated.
      • –IMs. Makes you unable to send and receive IMs when deanimated. (Not recommended, but some people like it.)
      • –CamDist. Reduces the distance you can move your camera away from you when deanimated. (Requires RLV 2.9 or later, which is not available in Firestorm 4.7.5.)
  • Handle: The small circle at the bottom, when green, indicates that your Handle is properly attached and connected. Click it to organize your poses into folders or give them better names to help people pose you more easily.

Other controls may appear depending on what devices are close enough to interact with you. Some may not be obvious in their functions. Experiment to learn more. As artwork, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, right?

It’s Roleplay… or is it?

When you are first created as an artwork avatar, you actually have a lot of freedom if you choose to use it. You can animate yourself, or change your clothes or pose while immobile, and many other things. We recommend that you roleplay as if you are completely helpless until someone decides to animate you, but you don’t have to. You could even decide that you’re a piece of artwork that actually has the ability to animate itself, for some reason.

But some people prefer to be more restricted for real. It isn’t better or worse; it’s just about what you prefer. If you want to give up more control for real, click the +... button on your ArtCore Hud, then choose Restrict. You have the following choices:

Immersion: Initially, you are at Playful, or Low Immersion. Click ++Immersion to change to Cheatable, or Medium Immersion. Click it again to change to Helpless, or High Immersion. Other players can see what Immersion level you are at by clicking the Hand icon over your head.

Setting Helpless Cheatable Play
Able to animate yourself freely? no Only when alone Any time, for up to 30 minutes at a time.
Able to change your clothes (when not animated)? no no yes
Able to change your pose (when not animated)? no no yes
Able to refuse changes made by a Reshaper Talisman? no yes yes
Able to detach your ArtCore? no Only after being alone for 5 minutes Any time
Recommended for… Those who really want to leave themselves at the mercy of the whims of others. Those who enjoy the idea of being at the mercy of the whims of others, but don’t want to give up all control. Those who prefer to either roleplay helplessness while actually keeping controls, OR
to play artwork that actually has the innate ability to animate itself without assistance.

Usable by constructs: Normally, other constructs cannot fully operate a talisman placed on you (although they can animate you by putting an Animation Talisman on you). Magic just doesn’t respond to them the way it does to real people. However, if your play goals involve being fully operable by constructs, click “++Constructs” to allow this. You can undo this by clicking “–Constructs” another time.

Restrictions when deanimated: Normally, you can freely access your inventory, send and receive IMs, and move your camera around the sim even when you are deanimated. To create a feeling of greater helplessness, you may wish to deny yourself these abilities. Click the appropriate buttons to do so. (Note that reducing camera distance requires RLV 2.9 or later.)

Once you increase a restriction, you can only decrease it by relogging with RLV turned off. When you do this, all restrictions will be set to their default, permissive values, and the ArtCore will detach itself. When you relog again with RLV turned back on, you can put the ArtCore back on.

Being AnimatedMagic!

Someone else can temporarily give you the power to move by putting an ACS Animation Talisman around your neck. They only work for a limited time – once one has been used for a while, it needs time to regain its energy. And of course, if someone takes the talisman off of you, you will soon revert to your normal inanimate state.

While you can move, you can also buy an Animation Talisman and wear it yourself (attach it to Neck). Nobody else can take it off, and you can remain animated indefinitely. But other people can deactivate it, deanimating you immediately. Or they can put a time limit on it, causing you to deanimate after a period of time they choose.

Notice that when you get animated, you don’t automatically break your pose. You don’t have to move just because you can. When you want to resume normal movement, just tap the up or down arrow key.


Before you are animated, give some thought to what the personality of a piece of artwork is like. Different players will make different choices, of course. Consider:

  • Artwork didn’t grow up in a family, go to school, or spend time with friends. How much do you know about these things, or about the world in general?
  • How do you feel about being animated? One piece of artwork may have jealously watched others around it move and speak and be desperate to have that ability itself, while another resents being forced out of its peaceful passivity and having to continuously decide what to do and say.
  • How do you feel about other artwork, or other constructs? For that matter, how do you feel about any people you’ve observed?


  • Some people will find that when they animate, deanimate, or change form, not everything that is supposed to get attached actually does. Some items in a folder are attached, and others are not. Unfortunately, this is not a bug in the ArtCore. The ArtCore is issuing the correct RLV commands – in fact, it couldn’t attach only some items in a folder if I wanted it to. I see the same problems with every other RLV device I use. I don’t know where the problem lies, but I don’t know of anything I can do to fix it. If you know a solution that works, please tell me. (Updated June 2018: I haven’t seen this happen in quite a while.)
  • If, on the other hand, everything gets attached but your skin doesn’t change texture properly, Ctrl-Alt-R (Force Rebake) will sometimes help.
  • If you see colored lines crossing your HUD now and then, this is an intentionally undocumented feature. You can safely ignore them, or you can try to figure out what they mean.

More Information

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