Employment Opportunities

Want to get more involved with ACS? Here are some good ways to do it:

Be an ACS Loaner

ACS seeks to make a wide variety of units available to the public. To this end, we accept short-term and extended loans from owners including individuals, organizations, and manufacturers. Owners may benefit from this arrangement by obtaining market-test data as people interact with their units at ACS, by publicizing new models, or in other ways. Learn more about being an ACS Loaner unit.

You do NOT need permission to loan yourself or your construct to ACS, as long as the construct is (1) generally safe and (2) obedient and available for use in at least some circumstances (for example, when in a particular mode, place, or time).? You need only list the unit in the Construct Catalog.

Apply to Become ACS Property

This is not available to everyone, but if we like the way you look and play we might be open to discussing it. We tend to be more intrigued by units who push back against control (whether for fun or out of not wanting to be owned and/or controlled). Constructs with valuable skills their players are willing to place at ACS’s disposal are particularly valued. See ACS Ownership for more about what we look for in a construct.

Apply to Join the ACS Staff

As many of our constructs have been sold off or become worn out in the past year or so, ACS is interested in making or acquiring some new ones to serve as decor, toys, and/or staff. We might be open to hiring a living staff member or two, as well.

ACS Staff members, whether living or construct, may have any of a variety of responsibilities. If you are hired or assigned as a staff member, we will discuss your abilities and interests, and you will be assigned responsibilities accordingly. Staff responsibilities may include any of the following:

  • Informing visitors about the nature and purpose of ACS
  • Providing tours of ACS facilities
  • Educating visitors about constructs and how they are viewed at ACS
  • Helping visitors understand ACS constructs and how they may be used
  • Explaining ACS’s products to visitors
  • Assisting visitors in purchasing, configuring, and using ACS products
  • Converting people into constructs (with proper authorization), or assisting others in doing so
  • Building new constructs, or assisting others in doing so
  • Providing technical support for ACS products
  • Testing new products and updates before they are released to the public
  • Keeping the ACS building and facilities clean and well-maintained
  • Ensuring proper functioning of ACS constructs via maintenance, programming, and instruction
  • Displaying constructs, or being displayed, for the enjoyment of visitors
  • Keeping the Accessories shop stocked
  • Serving visitors snacks and beverages at the Cafe
  • Assisting visitors with difficult or tedious tasks
  • Entertaining visitors with conversation, dance, stories, games, sensuality, and/or sexuality
  • Facilitating educational workshops, social gatherings, and other public events

Not all constructs owned by ACS are necessarily staff members. Those lacking the intelligence or mobility to be effective staff members may simply be used as toys or decoration.

Other Employment

From time to time ACS seeks to hire skilled individuals to assist with various projects. If you are interested in one of these positions, send a notecard to JulieDoll containing:

  • Your name (so we can contact you)
  • The position or positions you’re interested in
  • What skills you have that would make you a good person for the job
  • How you would like to be reimbursed for the work. Sometimes L$ are a possibility. We can also discuss other options such as a private room at ACS, special privileges, ACS ownership, or other things.
  • Anything else you’d like us to know about your interest

Positions we may be interested in filling include:

  • SHOPPER for furnishings, clothing, robotic components, etc.
  • SOUND DESIGNER/SHOPPER to make or locate great sound effects for all the devices we build here.
  • CONSTRUCT MANAGERS: Cruel taskmasters, loving caretakers, detached scientists, and others are all invited to apply.
  • SOCIAL FACILITATORS to organize events like parties, balls, group discussions, workshops, or other occasions. It’s even valuable just to be present and encourage good conversations.
  • NEWSLETTER WRITER to help keep people aware of ACS and what’s happening here.
  • ANIMATION DESIGNER to build poses and/or animations for constructs. I have some ambitious ideas, but lack the skills and time to make them happen.
  • TEXTURE DESIGNER to help make our stuff look as good as possible.
  • A JUNIOR EMPLOYEE/TRAINEE/LAB ASSISTANT might help out at ACS in exchange for the opportunity to learn. This could be someone who isn’t actually very skilled yet so tends to cause more problems than they solve. Or it could be someone skilled and helpful.
  • Insert YOUR IDEA HERE. Go ahead, make a suggestion. We may not implement it but we won’t be offended by the suggestion.
  • Note that we don’t generally hire scripters. (That’s the part we enjoy doing.)


You don’t need any of the above positions to be involved with ACS – just come by, talk with people and constructs, and roleplay accordingly!