Using RLV

RLV – short for Restrained Love Viewer – is an option available in many third-party Second Life viewers that allows devices to exercise greater control over your avatar than the standard viewer allows. It is most often used by players who enjoy power exchange (Dominant/submissive) relationships, though it has uses beyond that. Most ACS products work better if the construct avatar is using RLV, and some require it.

To use RLV:

  1. Be sure you are using an RLV-capable viewer. The ACS developer uses and recommends Firestorm, but there are other good choices too.
  2. Be sure RLV is enabled in your viewer. For example, in Firestorm:
    1. Press CTRL-P to open the Preferences panel.
    2. Choose the Firestorm tab.
    3. Go to the Extra subtab if you’re not already there. (This is called General in older versions of Firestorm.)
    4. Check “Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa)”
    5. Choose the User Interface tab.
    6. Go to the Interface Windows subtab if you’re not already there.
    7. Uncheck “Hide empty system folders from inventory.” (In older versions of Firestorm, this checkbox is right under the RLVa checkbox.)
    8. Quit Firestorm and restart it.
  3. Create a folder named “#RLV” (without the quotes) directly under “My Inventory” (right-click on “My Inventory”, select “New Folder”). Attachments and clothing items in folders created inside this “shared root” can be automatically worn or removed by RLV-enabled devices. Tip: If you want to include the same item inside multiple folders, instead of creating multiple copies of the item, just add a link to the item inside each folder.
  4. In order to be controlled by objects you are not wearing – for example, to have components installed using the ACS Factory, Conversion Chamber, or Workbench – you must also purchase, wear, and activate an RLV Relay. There is a vendor for the free DEM Relay in the ACS Workshop, but as far as we know any relay you may already have will work fine. To use the DEM Relay:
    1. Click on the vendor to obtain the relay. (It usually takes a few seconds to arrive.)
    2. Accept the delivery.
    3. Attach the relay to your HUD. (It goes at the Top by default; I prefer the Bottom Left.)
    4. This relay is turned off by default. To turn it on, click it, then select one of the ON options from the dialog. The “ON/Ask” option is safest, as it gives you the option to deny control to an item you don’t want to allow to do things to you. The “ON/Auto” option does not give you such an option.
    5. Be sure to wear only ONE relay at a time. The ACS Workbench and Conversion Chamber will warn you if they detect more than one.
    6. Since you will wear your CCU or Core, you do NOT need an RLV relay for them to be able to control you. You just need RLV enabled in your viewer.