Positioning an ACS Battery Port

ACS BPIC Battery Port

ACS BPIC Battery Port in Open position

The Battery Port is designed to be installed in a unit’s torso and slide open through its back, as shown in the picture to the right. When closed, the port should rotate into the unit’s body so that it is completely hidden. Note that the port will probably not work well on a unit with long, thick hair. You may be able to find other arrangements that work, but only this one is officially supported.

The Battery Meter is more flexible in its positioning. The upper back (Spine) and lower back (Pelvis) are good spots, just above or below the port itself, but you could also attach it to your chest, stomach, even a limb.

Most units will attach the Battery Port to their Spine, though if you intend to have it positioned lower down on the back, Pelvis might work better.

Once attached, positioning the Battery Port properly can be a little tricky, but should only need to be done once.

  1. If your Battery Port is closed, open it. (To do so, click the Battery Meter, then choose Open.)
  2. Click the open Battery Port, and click Adjust to open the Adjustment dialog. Leave the Adjustment dialog open on your screen for now.
  3. Edit the Battery Port, by right-clicking on it (or on its name in your Inventory) and choosing Edit.
  4. Adjust the port’s position and rotation so that it is approximately in the position you want it to be when closed, but just outside your surface. That is, its rotation should leave it as close as possible to parallel with your surface, but with at least some of the rear panel (with the white and yellow labels) visible. Positioning it initially like this helps you make sure it is aligned and oriented properly.
  5. Now slide the port so that it is just under your surface. It should be completely hidden inside your body.
  6. Choose Set Closed on the Adjustment dialog you left open earlier.
  7. Once again, leave the Adjustment dialog open.
  8. Now rotate the Battery Port to the position it should be in when open. Typically, about a 20-25 degree rotation on the X (red) axis, with no change of position, will work best. However, if you prefer a different appearance, you can set it differently. The battery end, including the colored stripe indicating its capacity and the red and green charge meter, should be visible.
  9. When you are satisfied with the port’s open position, choose Set Open on the Adjustment dialog.
  10. You can click Show Open and Show Closed to move the Battery Port into its currently-defined Open and Closed positions.
  11. When you are satisfied with both positions, click Done on the Adjustment dialog. The port returns to its Open position.
  12. Close and Open the Battery Port several times to check the movement in normal usage. Click?Adjust again if you want to make any changes.