Using ACS Talismans

ACS provides two types of magical talismans for use with artwork built with the ACS ArtCore. They both function essentially the same way when used on an artwork avatar. In addition, you can wear an Animation Talisman yourself if you’re an artwork avatar. Instructions for both options follow:

Putting a Talisman on Another Artwork Avatar

Note that this can only be done in a region where you can rez objects.

  1. Attach to your left hand the talisman you want to use. (This is the default attachment.)
  2. Click the talisman. In a few seconds, a dialog will appear listing any nearby artwork avatars with an ACS ArtCore.
  3. Face the artwork avatar you want to put the talisman on, and click its name on the dialog.
  4. Wait for the artwork’s player to respond to the request the talisman will make to allow it to be put on. (It attaches a temporary object to the avatar, which SL does not allow to be done without the player’s permission.)
  5. Once the player gives permission, you will walk up to the artwork (unless you’re already close enough to it) and put the talisman on it. (The original object remains attached to your hand, but invisible. If you detach it, it will be taken off the artwork shortly.)
  6. The Animation Talisman will immediately take effect if it is sufficiently charged.
  7. Click the talisman on the artwork to get a menu of ways you can interact with it. Click “Take Back” to remove the talisman. (Another person – or the artwork itself, if animated – can click “Give Back” to give the talisman back to you. It cannot be stolen.)

Putting an Animation Talisman on Yourself

Right-click on the talisman in your inventory, choose Attach To, then Neck. Others (or you) can then click the talisman to get a menu of ways to interact with it. (You must attach it to Neck for this to work – any other attachment point will not work.)

Instructions for specific talisman types are given below.

Animation Talisman

  • Put it on any non-AFK ACS artwork avatar to immediately animate the artwork.
    • When used this way, the Animation Talisman carries a limited amount of charge – enough to keep an artwork avatar animated for about two hours. If it runs out of charge, the artwork avatar slowly deanimates.
    • The talisman automatically recharges while in your possession. It takes about four hours to go from fully drained to fully charged. This happens even when you are logged out or the talisman is detached.
    • Rubbing the talisman quickly drains about five minutes worth of its charge. This usually causes some discomfort to the artwork, if it is animated.
    • Take off the talisman to cause the artwork to deanimate in a short time.
  • Or, an Animation Talisman can be worn by its owner (attached to its neck).
    • When used this way, the Animation Talisman can keep its owner animated indefinitely.
    • However, rubbing the talisman allows the user to choose a time limit at which you will be deanimated. If a time limit has already been set, allows the user to decrease it. (The time limit is reset when the avatar is deanimated.)
  • Squeeze the talisman to immediately deanimate the artwork. Squeeze it again to reanimate the artwork.
  • Constructs may not get the same results when interacting with a talisman, depending on the choices made by the artwork avatar.
  • The Animation Talisman is transferable, but not copyable.

Reshaper Talisman

  • Rubbing the talisman brings up a dialog that allows you to repose the artwork avatar even if it’s made of a material that can’t usually be manipulated.
  • If the avatar has multiple forms available, rubbing the talisman also allows you to change it from one form to another.
    • If the artwork is permitted to refuse changes, then the change will not take effect until the artwork accepts it. The artwork is only told that you want to make a change, not what change you are making.
  • Constructs may not be able to operate a Reshaper Talisman, depending on the choices made by the artwork avatar.
  • A Reshaper Talisman is transferable, but not copyable. It does not run out of charge.

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