ACS Crystal Mind Probe

The purpose of the Crystal Mind Probe is to allow the user to interact with inanimate objects that have “minds” with thoughts and feelings.

Product Price L$248.00

Product Description

The ACS Crystal Mind Probe is part of ACS’s line of magical items for interacting with the still poorly-understood magical “minds” that some inanimate objects seem to possess. Human-shaped objects such as statues, mannequins, and dolls are the most common objects to possess such minds, but minds of this sort have also been detected in furniture, clothing, and other objects. Science may be at a loss to explain these phenomena, but their existence cannot be denied.

The purpose of the Mind Probe is to allow the user to learn the thoughts and feelings of such objects. To use the Probe, simply place it on the ground (or rez the free MindProbe on a Pedestal included in the package) or another surface near the object you wish to probe (within 2m). The probe will glow as it searches for a mind to probe. If it locates one, its surface will become translucent, revealing glowing colors inside that reveal the mind’s emotions. Some of the mind’s more prominent thoughts will be displayed in hovertext above the Probe. When you are finished using the Probe, click its base to turn it off, or simply pick it up again.

Please visit the Crystal Mind Probe Manual for more information about its powers and usage.

Interpreting the Mind Probe

When the Mind Probe is functioning, the spinning colors inside reveal the mind’s emotions:

  • A large round shape indicates the mind’s overall mood. Dark blue indicates sadness. Pale blue (cyan) indicates neutral feelings. Green, yellow, and orange indicate increasing levels of happiness.
  • A long red crystal indicates the presence of anger. The more anger the mind experiences, the brighter the red will be.
  • A wide yellow crystal indicates the presence of fear. The more fear the mind experiences, the brighter the yellow will be.
  • A thin green crystal indicates the presence of desire and/or lust. The stronger the desire, the brighter the green will be.

If the Probe Doesn’t Work

  • The object may not have a mind that can be probed by this method. Note that most fully artificial objects do not have minds that can be probed by this method – even including robots that may appear sentient.
  • An object sometimes tries to resist having its mind probed. The probe will turn faintly purple when an object resists it. The strength of the probe can be increased, making it more difficult for the object to conceal its thoughts and emotions. To do this, rub the ball with your hand. Simply click on the crystal ball while standing within 3m of it, and move the mouse around on its surface. The glow will become larger and change color as the probe strengthens. The longer you continue rubbing the ball, the longer the strengthened probe will last.
  • The object’s player can refuse to allow the Mind Probe to work for OOC reasons. They are under no obligation to share their reasons with you.

Use with Living Beings

The Crystal Mind Probe can also be used on living beings, although it is not intended for this purpose. It is not normally necessary, as living beings can share their thoughts and feelings with speech and expressions; however, it is sometimes possible to use the Probe to obtain information the target would prefer not to share. Use in this manner is not recommended or supported by ACS. The user is responsible for knowing and following any local laws or regulations regarding mind probing of living beings.