Remote Control

Controls a construct from anywhere in the same sim.

Product Price L$195.00

Product Description

The Autonomy Control Systems Remote Control allows a user to operate an android featuring the ACS Central Control Unit (CCU) from anywhere in the same region. It can connect to any unit configured to allow remote access. Only one unit may be controlled at a time.? The Remote Control is sold with modify and transfer permissions, so you can buy one to give another person.

Click on it, or type /36 followed by the first few letters of the display name or username of the unit you want to control.? This allows you access to many of the unit?s functions:

  • Standby, Activate, Freeze, Mute, and custom controls
  • Many direct natural-language commands,? queries and messages
  • Remote direction, the ability to control the unit’s travel around the sim.

To gain additional access, click ?Log In,? and enter the unit?s password in the text box. This allows:

  • A wider variety of natural-language commands
  • Viewing and modifying the unit’s programming
  • Adding or removing pose animations

You can also allow your Remote Control or Remote Controller Chip to automatically log into a unit once you have connected to it, by place a notecard in it whose name is the unit?s username (e.g. ?brattle? or ?kaori.gray?) and whose only content is the unit?s password. You may add notecards for as many units as you like.


Product Features

Current Version 1.9
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